"If This One thinks he can take my virtue, drag me to his Pagan lands and mark me as his Luna without upholding the customs of my people he is mistaken. He can take the body but he will leave behind the mind and soul because I'd sooner slit my throat than become his Red Luna without the honour of blood being split in the Great Arena in my name."

Eons after CHAOS, The Age of The Divines and the Titanomachy when the Olympians weaponised the Great White Moon.

Selene - The Moon Goddess was given a prize for her hand in turning the tide of war in favour of the Olympians - Pangea, The jewel of the Lethe Solar System and the closest planet to the heavens.

Here, she crafted and breathed to life in her image...Lycanthropes.

Ivar is a born Alpha Lycan who bares the mark of Scorpio - the mark of his All-Father. He sails across the Divided Sea to the land of the three forsaken bloodlines for his heathen Luna.

The first Red Luna in over a millennium Bahari must integrate into a pagan world where the Water Gods Forn Sidr and doctrine "Clan above all" have been upheld since the dawn of Lycan.

Old World and New World customs collide as the new future Alpha and Luna face trials & tribulations from the living, the dead and the Water God himself.

Ancestors. Clan. Moon.

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