Boom! Boom!! Boom!!!

“Interesting, never knew you’d get this strong Kiiara,” a deep male voice says as two beings appear in the sky with their weapons clashing against each other creating a very powerful shock wave which causes even the ground beneath them to vibrate tremendously.

One is a lady and in her hand is a sword, while the other, a male holding two short blades with a long chain attached to the handles of both blades.

The man quickly moves back while they are still in the air and stretches his palm at the lady.

“Kinetic Push!!!” he says.

Immediately, small waves emanates from his palm in a concentric manner and escalates into a large powerful shockwave which pushes everything in its path even affecting the ground. The lady using her sword, does a horizontal slash against the wave attack causing the wave to divide leaving her space unaffected while the space above and beneath her are immensely affected by the wave. This is followed up by a quick dash towards the man but half way she quickly launches an attack.

“Fire Release: Blazing Blight: Jet Bullet.”

She blows from her mouth and in a flash with a powerful outburst, releases a small flame of fire which creates a line of fire as it moves towards the man. The attack creates a powerful boom as it explodes upon impact.

“Amazing how much you keep improving. At least this shouldn’t be boring,” the man says, still with his palm stretched facing the lady as the dust from the explosion clears and he appears, unharmed, with a plain expressionless face.

“Good to see you’re as strong as ever,Erraz,” the lady with the sword says as she lands on the ground some distance from the man, Erraz.

“You seem to be getting more diverse in your elemental abilities,” she adds. She has a smile on her face but her eyes show a sinister amount of fury.

“I take it as a compliment, old friend,” Erraz replies.

“This path you’ve decided to take Kiiara, can’t you see it will you only lead you to more despair?” He adds.

“Despair huh? ,” Kiiara whispered as they gazed at each other, while their long hairs flow with the cool breeze sweeping across the battleground. Kiiara’s face has a fiery but calm look and Erraz’s face, a plain calm look.

“Hmph!!!,” She sighs with a faint smile as she tightens the grip on her sword and moves her left leg forward as flames of fire begin emanating from her entire body.

“Fine then let’s see who wins, the light of hope or the darkness of despair,” she adds.

“That’s too bad,” the man says folding his arms as he begins to levitate with the two short blades beside each hands floating alongside the chain which connects from one end of the blade to the other across his back.

“Then don’t blame me for what comes next.”

It all started several years ago when the Age of Chaos made its entrance into existence.

“This is a tale of humans, beasts, and beings from other worlds. This is my tale; no this is our tale. A tale of the Flaming Light.” – Kiiara

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