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Lilly had hoped that they would manage to come back home before the parents woke up, but nothing came out of it. It was dawning. Inspector Green had a serious problem. Since the early morning hours he hadn't been searching for a single missing boy, but he had been searching for three missing children, because the parents of Eric and Lilly reported them missing, as soon as they discovered that the children were not in their beds. Nobody knew what could happen to them. Inspector Green assumed that the disappearances were connected with each other. During the briefing with his colleagues, during which he discussed the plan for further investigation of the missing children, the dispatcher entered the room suddenly and informed that he had just received a phone call from the missing children, and had sent a police car to pick them up. After hearing this message, inspector Green immediately decided to go to the place, where the children were awaiting the police car. He wanted to meet the children in person and find out by himselfwhat had happened to them. This from the outside always cool and always calm man was the father of a boy only a little bit more older than the missing children, so he knew very well how desperate the parents had to be. At all costs inspector Green wanted to find them in one piece. His whole world would fall apart if something similar happened to his son. The police car and inspector's car quickly reached the children. Inspector Green called for an ambulance, because Tom needed professional medical care. The boy was in a shock, and on his body there were numerous bruises and scratches after the fight he had  with the kidnapper. The nurses treated wounds on Lilly's sore feet on the spot. The inspector took Erick with him to the police station, because he was in a good physical condition and could testify. Inspector Green ordered one of the policemen to take care of Bello.

  "This dog found and saved the children. He deserved something tasty", he acknowledged, and stroked Bello on the back.

Eric precisely described the inspector how they had managed to get to the kidnapped friend and free him from the kidnapper's house. He gave the description of the kidnapper, the brand of his jeep and the number plate, which he noted, because he had supposed that it would be useful. Inspector Green quickly formed a group of specially trained and  weapon equiped policemen, whose task it was to arrest the kidnapper. He himself took the charge of this dangerous action to lead it perfectly. Catching the criminal and bringing him to justice was for him a matter of honor.

Armed policemen in bulletproof vests secretly surrounded the kidnapper's house and waited for his return. At first they did not know that he managed to anticipate their move. Shortly before their arrival, he left the house when he saw the broken window and realized that Tom had somehow managed to escape from the secret room hidden under the basement floor. He knew the police would be looking for him. He decided to leave the town as soon as possible. He had planned to abandon his jeep and switch to a train. So he was driving quickly towards the train station. The patrolling police officer had noticed a car speeding and decided to follow him, giving him signals to pull over to the side of the road and stop. The kidnapper ignored the policeman's command and sped up instead to lose him. After a short chase, and overtaking many other cars, he was able to run away. The patrolling police officer gave a description of the car, and asked other patrolmen to stop the fugitive. The headquarters informed him that the registration number and description of the car matched the indications of the children's abductor.

Inspector Green asked for the support of a helicopter, which, circling above the highway, quickly located the escaping kidnapper and gave the direction in which he was going. This information allowed the policemen to organize a raid on the criminal. They locally closed the road in both directions, and quickly placed the concrete blocks and barriers. They knew that he would not give himself up to the police without a fight. As predicted, the kidnapper again ignored the signs calling for him to stop. He was speeding farther. He hit the hindrance, that under the influence of the high speed were thrown to the sides, and for a moment it seemed that he again managed to outsmart the police, but sharp spikes, previously spread on the road, made holes in his tires, so the air was escaping, and after several dozen of meters the jeep lost its speed and finally stopped.

The kidnapper no longer resisted, on inspector Green's order he left the car with his hands raised up, then he was handcuffed and taken into a custody. After the trial, the judge sentenced him to many years of imprisonment for the abduction and assaulting of a minor boy. The abductor had already committed many other evil deeds in the past and his actions formed a threat to the safety of other people, especially children, if he would be on the loose. Inspector Green, parents and children, and other residents of the town were happy that the kidnapper had been caught and punished, so justice was served.

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