Beah crashed through the thick undergrowth, leaves and branches tearing at his arms and legs.

Tumbling onto the floor, he rolled onto his feet and fumbled for the knife at his waist. He drew it sharply.

Beah brandished his knife confusedly, blinking hard. When his disorientated nerves finally calmed, he dropped his stance and looked around.

Sunlight flitted through the cracks in the canopy, creating splotches of light on the forest floor. Leaves fluttered around him. A broken branch dropped from the hole in the undergrowth he'd just crashed through.

A forest.

Beah rubbed his eyes hard. How’d he survived that fall off the cliff? Was the jeep alright?

Beah brushed the broken twigs and litterfall off him. His khaki trousers had ripped in many places, and his plain burgundy shirt had a large tear in front.

He fingered the broken fabric of his cheap trousers, inspecting the bloody gashes and cuts he got from falling.

He’d need new pants, Beah thought. There was the jeep, too. He bent down and began to remove the thorns that had caught in his trousers.

His skin was white.

Beah paused uncertainly, staring at his hand. He’d just noticed.

Beah wriggled his fingers. The fingers moved.

Gaping, he stretched out his arms to get a better look at them. They were fair, and looked as soft as an infant’s.

Dropping his arms, he moved to roll up a leg of his trousers. Pure, silky white.

Beah clutched at his face in panic. This was not him. His skin was brown; a dark, chocolatey brown. Who was this?

“Water,” Beah muttered. That’s right, water. He needed to find a body of water to see himself.

Pausing, he listened attentively for the sound of rushing water. His 9 o’clock.

Stumbling deeper into the woods, Beah broke into a quick jog.

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Malayka a year ago

Short chapter when compared to other stories, but enjoyable nonetheless! So... this was alot to soak in, despite the length. Beah's something else, but I'm all for it! His introduction only seems to raise more questions. Like, why'd he change color? Where's the Jeep? Does this have something to do with the "racial conflict" in your synopsis? Tune in next time on Dragon Ba--- Kidding~. Peace! :D