"Sup Losers! The name's Awesom. I'll get straight to the point. I'm here to kill all of you." Said Awesom.

"What?" Said Vasily.

"I said I'm here to kill all of you. Don't you listen? Can you understand? Can you hear what is coming from my mouth?"

Despite the suddenness of this Awesom fella, both Lizz and Ji did not pay any attention, for they were too busy with their own personal matters.

"Wait! What? Who are you?"

"I hate repeating myself, but since I'm such a nice and kind-hearted guy, I'll make this exception just for you. My name's Awesom, remember it. I'm here to kill all of you."


"Oh, dear me! You still don't understand. I said I am here to kill all of you. I really hate repeating myself. Can you see the words that are coming out of my mouth like this?"

"No! How can I see your mouth with that stupid getup!"

"What I am wearing is of the highest fashion sense. Look at you, what are those!?!"

"This is pointless!"

"I agree. You two over there! Do you hear me? I want to make sure you know that I'm here to kill you, so they won't be any misunderstandings! Like I don't want to make it any awkward! Like it'll just ruin the mood! You get me? You se-"

"Then don't kill at all!"

"Oh, dear me! Don't interrupt someone when they are talking to others! That's extremely rude!"

"Then maybe you shouldn't go around killing people, then I won't be interrupting you!"

"Alright, you're the first to die! Before that, I need to make sure your buddies over there understand the situation."

Awesom continued shouting out to Ji and Lizz for a response. For some time, neither reacted until Lizz screamed out to tell Awesom to shut the fuck up.

"That's awfully rude. But since I'm such a sweetheart I'll forgive you. Since you responded you know the situation at hand, now I won't feel bad when I kill you. You know, it's so awkward at times when you're about to kill someone and they're all like 'WHY?!?' and crying and all that. That's why I have a policy that I always follow before you ever kill, you let them know that you're going to kill them. Makes things go so much smoother."

"I'll punch your face If you don't shut it!"

"HAHAHAHAHAHA! That's a good one! Girls can't fight!"

"I'll rip out your throat!"

"This is too good! HAHAHAHA! Oh, dear me! HAHAHAHA! Let me catch my breath! Hold on a moment! Alright! I'm fine now. No need to worry! All in control. Now little girl, you see, girls can't fight. It's a fact. Have you ever seen girls in any sports? Of course not! Have you seen girls fight in martial arts? Of course not! The-"

"I have. We have one on our team." Interrupted Vasily.

"Stop being so rude. Let me finish first, then you can talk. Okay? As I was saying, they don't exist. You think that little girl can fight! HAHAHAHAHA! You're giving me a heart attack! Little girl, I just want you to just stand right there where you are, you better not move and behave yourself. I'll be killing these two first, and I'll kill you last. Painlessly of course, since I'm such a gentleman. You got nothing to worry about!"

"Last chance! Or, I'll throw all these shits!"

"Silly little girl! Why would I fear that! Animal shit is part of nature! I welcome it!"

At that moment Lizz became a missile launcher, launching shit after shit after shit at Awesom. Without pause, she kept going, using all the physical prowess she had developed over her entire lifetime of sixteen years of age. At some point, Vasily had joined in, and so did Ji as well. The trio kept firing without pause! Awesom was literally covered in faeces. Imagine that? Really disgusting isn't it? Despite all of this, Awesom kept on laughing and laughing and laughing, and shouted out 'Come at me!', 'Is this all you got?', 'Bring it on!', 'Girls can't throw shit!', 'I dare YA!', 'Come to me!' 'I welcome it!', 'This is what it means to be part of nature!', he kept rambling on and on and on. Sometime later, the trio stopped.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHA-ACK!- I bit my tongue! Alright! I'm better now! I have returned! So, as you can see, I am one with nature, one with the animals! Your attack was meaningless and futile! Now it is my turn! I'll show you AWESOME! My amazing POWER! The POWER of replication! This little team of yours will have the great honour of witnessing my AWESOME POWE-"

The trio had enough of listening to this buffoon, so they restarted the barrage once more. Awesom kept on shouting that it's extremely extraordinary exceptionally rude to interrupt a person when performing their magical ability. Unfortunately, no one cared. The trio ran out of excrement to fire. Awesom decided to shake off some crap like a dog shaking off water from its body.

"That took longer than I expected. Now I can show off my AWESOME POWER!"

Awesom quickly grasped his hands together, then let go of it, and stretched out his arms into the sky shaped like a V. In that instance, two exact copies of himself came out of his body, one on the left and one on the right side of him.

"This is my POWER! You guys better pay attention to Awesom's AWESOME POWER! The POWER of replication! When I replicate, the replicants have everything I have at that moment when I replicate. As you can see, they even have parts of mother nature covering them, not only that, they have all my memories and exact thoughts, and they bleed too. It's extremely rare to see an ability such as this, you should be very honoured."

"Your ability sucks!" Shouted Lizz.

"You smell like shit!' Ji called out.

"Can you just go away?!" Yelled Vasily.

"You're all just jealous of my AWESOME POWER! You're haters! I have the POWER of self-confidence and nature on my side! And don't think my replicants are just copies! They are all ME! Now since you all love throwing faeces at me, I shall embrace each and every one of you! Let mother nature smother you with her maternal love!"

Awesom and his replicants, dashed straight for the trio with tremendous speed, out of instinct Lizz, Ji and Vasily all turned around and ran for their lives. Each one of them was quick runners, however, Awesom was ever so swiftly catching up. Lizz like the smart girl that she is, tried to trip over Ji to piss him off for his actions before, to create more distance between her and Awesom and his replicants, and the fact that it would be so funny to see Ji getting hugged to death by a man covered in shit. Fortunately for Ji, he evaded, in turn, he tried to trip over Lizz. This resulted in perpetual tripping over contest between the two while they were running for their lives. On the other hand, Vasily ran away to another direction just in case these two imbeciles will drag him into this mess, when that happened, one of the replicants changed directions and chased after him.

"You guys are good at this! First time I never caught someone instantly! I shall honour you with a very little amount of my respect! Most folks don't get any respect from me! You should be happy! Now let's take it to the next level!" All the Awesoms shouted out together.

Awesom began a sequence of bizarre hand signs, which resulted in three new replicants to pop right out of his body. Each member of the trio was now hunted down by two dung covered maniacs.

"I'm somewhat truly impressed! I'm actually sweating a bit! I love this cat and mouse game! The thrill! It's exhilarating! Can't wait till I kill you all! You better run faster! This level won't get me tired at all! I'm just a few centimetres away from you all! I can't wait till I wrap my arms around your bodies! And SQUEEZE!"

It was a strange sight. Two full-grown men and one little girl only five feet tall, running away from a full-grown man covered in sheep droppings trying to hug them all to death. While running, a full-grown man and a little girl trying to trip over the other to screw them over for fun.

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