I was in my room looking in the mirror. I was dressed in a tight, black, long sleeve crop top and skinny jeans with red heels and red lipstick and almost ready to leave. 

“ASHLEIGH!” I heard my dad yell from downstairs.  

“Yes?” I called out. 

“Xander’s here.” He said.  

“Send him up.” I said. I could hear Xander coming up the stairs before he walked into my room.  

“Spin.” He said. I spun around as he said. I felt him grab my hips. 

“Xander.” I warned.  

“Come on Ash. Give me a chance” Xander said. I removed his hands from my hips and spun around to face him.  

“I don’t date underclassmen.” I said.  

“But I’m different.” he whined.  

“Yeah you’re my best friend’s little brother. So that’s a big no.” I said. He groaned and laid on my bed. “What’s up? Why are you here?” I asked.  

“I need a ride to the party and Justin is going with Natalie.” He said.  

“Aww I could give you a ride.” I smiled and ruffled his hair.  

“Ash this takes forever to do.” he said fixing his hair.  

“X putting an entire jar of gel in your hair doesn’t take long.” I said. He rolled his eyes and mocked me. “Let’s go, child.” I said. We left the house and got in my car, heading to the party. 

As I pulled up to the Johnson twins’ house, we could hear the music and see colorful lights flashing everywhere.  

“Well this is the part where we part ways.” Xander said sadly. I looked out the window and I could clearly spot his friends. They were the ones who were eagerly waiting for him to get out of the car. I smiled and got out. Xander got out and started to walk towards his friends. I rolled my eyes and quickly kissed his cheek then winked at him. I knew it would give him some type of credit. As I made my way inside, the smell of alcohol instantly filled my nose. I smiled as I saw my favorite Johnson, Sam, making his way over to me.  

“Hey Ashleigh.” He smiled. 

“Hey.” I said. 

“Can I get you a drink?” he asked. 

“That’d be nice.” I smiled. He draped his arm over my shoulder and led me to the kitchen. 

“Where’s your twin?” I asked as he poured me a drink. 

“Somewhere with your twin, trying to see how many girls they can hook up with.” He said. I shook my head and took my drink.  

“Me and you should be twins instead.” I said. 

“I agree.” He smiled. “Now I’d much rather be in here with you, but I need to make sure these people don’t fuck up the house.” He said. I nodded. We went our separate ways, him going into the living room and me going to the stairs to find Gabe. I stood on the stairs looking above everyone else to find him. Someone picked me up from behind and started carrying me upstairs. I tried to scream but they covered my mouth. In a minute we were in room and I was thrown onto the bed.  

“I told you I’d see you tonight baby.” I heard his voice. Tears instantly began pouring down my face as I tried to get away from him. Is he really doing this? Is this really happening? Colton was suddenly pulled off of me, but I couldn’t see who it was through my tears. The person tackled Colton to the floor and punched him. I heard Colton cry out in pain. After a few more second of Colton being beat, Colton ran out of the room. I felt the bed dip down next to me. 

“Relax.” I heard the familiar voice of Justin. I quickly wiped my eyes and got up, attempting to get as far away from him as possible.  

“What are you doing here?” I asked. 

“Thanks Justin.” He mumbled. 

“You can go now.” I said. 

“I just like saved your life.” He said. 

“I’m fine.” I said.  

“But you’re not fine, liar.” he said. I rolled my eyes and sat on the bed.  

“Don’t call me a liar. I’m not lying. I am fine.” I said.  

“Who knows what could’ve happened if I didn’t show up.” He said. 

“How’d you even know?” I asked. 

“He was telling me about it before and I was halfway listening to him but the I saw you on the steps and then him and everything clicked.” He said. I just looked at him, annoyed by his presence. 

“Can you go now?” I asked.  

“You’d think you’d be nice to me after saving your life, but I guess not.” He shrugged. 

“You’ve never been nice to me so I’ not gonna be nice to you even if you did help me,” I said. “You’ve always been a complete asshole and a stupid ass jerk. You think you’re the most amazing person on this planet but you’re not even close.” I said. 

“Can you’re mouth do anything besides insult me?” He asked. 

“Yes, it can.” I said. 

“Then prove it.” He smiled. 

“How am I supposed to prove it?” I asked.  

“Kiss me.” His smile turned into a smirk. 

“No way. Not happening.” I said and crossed my arms over my chest. 

“Exactly, you can’t prove it.” He smiled triumphantly.  

“I can if I wanted to, but I don’t so I’m not going to.” I said. 

“You’re just proving my point.” He said.  

“Am not.” I mumbled. 

“Are too” he responded 

“Am not!” 

“Are too!” 

“Am not!”  

“Are t-” I forcefully kissed him out of anger. I felt him smirk as he pulled me closer to him, deepening the kiss. He slowly slid his hand into my shirt and unhooked my bra. 

“If anyone finds out about this, I will cut your dick off.” I mumbled against his lips. He did nothing but kiss down my jawline to my neck. 

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