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"You only know what life is, when you are actually living in the real world"


At the beginning of time, there were Gods, spirits and powerful begins, all which are stories to us as, none have actually actualized this tales. Notwithstanding, I am to tell you a story about how we were formed, from my own point of view. Once upon a time, many years ago, we had the rulers of the world called the celestial giants and we had the heavenly bodies, but the greatest of all was the Heavenly King, the one God, who was reverence and called "the creator". He created the stars, the moon and the firmament, he proceeds to create nature and its element before creating living beings; micro and macro organisms, the animals of all kingdom and finally, man. 

"The Creator" was so pleased with his creation and love everything he created but, had a favorite and that was man. He made man beautiful in his own image but then, he saw that man was lonely, being all alone. So, he thought, why not create a helper and a companion for man?. This lead him to create "WOman" who was the opposite of man, he joined man to WOman and, made them mates.

They became close as mates, living together and bonding together. They became fruitful and multiplied around the world, scattering to different nations, races, tribes, colors and languages but they never forgot the one main rule, which was; No mating can occur without being conjoined in the heavens, and they all lived with this rule.

No one dared to go against the universal rule, not one, and all of the earth was peaceful. The heavenly God, looked down on what he created and he was glad.*****Billions of years later, the creation had diverted from the initial plan of the heavenly God and so, he punished every creation by inflicting them with sickness, poverty, and pain, making all of life full of struggles and pain. The heavenly God was not pleased and so, he cut off from his favorite creation leaving them to their fates. He only wondered if one day, they will all come to realize their mistakes and return back to him. Only if, that will actually happen.

SEPTEMBER 15, 1998
The birds chirped happily, all humming a song in harmony while, the trees all swayed and swish, dancing to the sweet song of the birds. All of nature, in one harmony as the students of Girls Government School, Obalende, Lagos move around. Some, just arriving while, some were walking to their classes and, some just hanging around. Two girls, stood under the table as they watched the students and pupils swarm in noisily but yet, orderly and calm due to the vivid presence of their teachers, standing at the gate with whips in their hands that spoke the word order or else you get spanked. 

One of the girls, the shorter one who was Almond tanned with a cool undertone and on her oval face was a charming face; beautiful light brown, deep-set eyes which hovered on a curved nose, that sat upon a beautiful pink lips with, an upper lip with a rounded philtrum. Having a beautiful thin and straight body shape, and coiled light, brown hair, packed tightly into a bun. She smiled cheekily, as her eager brown eyes lurched on each, and every one who walked pass. 

"Resumption! Always the hater of kids" the other girl spoke out, she, on the other hand, is a dark-skinned beauty with same colored eyes but here were almond shaped, which sat over a flat but cute nose and a full brown lip. She on the other hand, had a little chubby shape and locally braided bun on her head. 

"You're right, but this happens to be our final year and I'm so excited" the fair one replied and the other nodded, in agreement. The fair one is Omojola Aderinsola Ajayi aka Derin or Jola, is a bright and, vibrant sixteen-year-old student in the art class, she's known all through the school for her brains and beauty. 

The other girl, Bimpe aka Babe, is a science student and equally holds same reputation in school, as with her friend Jola. The two girls, have been friends every since their childhood "second grade" to be precise and, their families were nonetheless besties too. The two girls hoped and, looked forward to their future together.

"I guess it's timeout!" Bimpe said, her eyes lingering behind Derin.

Derin noticed, and she swallowed hard "is there something at my back?" 

Bimpe nodded, her eyes wide open in fear and, Derin gasped.

"What is it?" She asked, her heart racing fast.

"See for yourself" Bimpe spoke, creating even more fear in her.

Derin nodded amidst hot breaths, as she turned around, her heart racing even more by each second and saw-bayo?

"what the?"Derin hollered, and they both laughed causing her to become red with anger.

"Oh! She's angry" Bimpe exclaimed, drawing back as Derin huffed angrily but, bayo stood there still laughing.

"Darn you!" She yelled at him, throwing him little fist punches to his stomach, which never really affected him as he laughed the more before, gripping both her hands.

"Alright wildflower!" He smirked, trying hard to not laugh but it was hard as the way she fumed, was so darn cute and, hilarious.

"Come on! You guys really scared me. I actually could've fainted from all that fear" Derin raged, stomping her feet on the ground, all to show her anger but, Bayo whipped her into his arms.

"Oh my sweetheart!" He said, as he ruffled her hair with his hand. Bimpe came to her and, also patted her on her back.

"You guys are so sweet together!" Bimpe buffed but, the duo threw a 'shut up' look to her and, she immediately used her fingers to hold her lips.

Bayo has been a good friend to this duo and, he's always been the protective shield of the girls. They've been friends since Tenth grade and, never left each other from that time onward even though, Bayo is like two years older than them and, both girls have crushed on him at different points of time.

Derin's parents are middle-class civil servants, and the family can neither be referred to as rich nor poor, as they were average and, quite happy with their status. She wasn't an only child as she had a sister "Danielle" who, happened to be three years younger. Derin had a dream just like every other kid her age, hers was to become a great art practitioner, in lame man's language, an actress. Believe me, she had all the virtues and skills to become one and, not to mention her parent's undying support for her, and her dreams. All were to have been perfect if only, tragedy hadn't chosen to pay her a visit.

Few days to her graduation ceremony, Jola's parents were to attend a wedding celebration in a neighboring city, both Jola and her sister had bad feelings on their parents journey. One could simply tell that Jola was more against their journey as, her instincts told her that that journey really wasn't going to end well but, she had to push this back as her mother assured her that nothing will happen. Her parents; Bamidele their father, and their mother, Elizabeth left the house after saying goodbye to their daughters, with the promise of coming back in two days time, not knowing that fate had other plans for them. 

Elizabeth gave her daughters some quick advice, before she and her husband got into their Peugeot Benz and, drove out of their four-room duplex premises. The girls waved on, until their parents were out of sight. Jola and her sister got message from their parents that they had arrived their destination safety and, they got a call from their mother the follow day, that they were on their way back. Before hanging up, Elizabeth told the girls that she loved them both, and they both replied, telling her that they both loved her and, their dad very much. Their dad spoke in the background that they were his princess and, that he'll always have them close to his heart.

This was the last time they communicated with their parents, as it was barely up to five hours later, that their aunt with the name bolanle rushed into the house; telling them, that their parents were involved in a ghastly motor crash, and they were both in critical conditions in the hospital. Bolanle and the girls immediately left for the hospital to inquire about Elizabeth and bamidele's health. As soon as Jola stepped into the hospital premises, she began to feel her temperature rise, her heart beats increased rapidly and she felt obnoxious, all at once. The air around her was very warm, timid, and seemed to be still, and not moving, as if time had suddenly slowed down.

They were all met by the doctor, and Jola tried to read his face but man! his face was void of emotions and so, she couldn't get a guess on what was happening. 

"Are you the family to the couples, who were rushed in earlier?" He inquired as soon as his eyes met theirs. 

Bolanle replied him with a, yes, and the doctor dropped the bomb; both Elizabeth and bamidele had passed on. Bamidele was brought in brain dead while his wife, their mother just gave up the ghost a few minutes ago.

Jola's aunt and sister, both broke down in bitter tears but, Jola just stood rooted on her feet, her gaze hard on the doctor as she forced herself not to believe that she'd become an orphan. 

But slowly, realization dawned in and tears gathered in her eyes, clouding her view. "Is this how people died?" Jola questioned herself; as just like that, in a twinkle of light, they'd just become orphans, no more parents to stand up for them. What'd gone wrong? How could life be so cruel to both of them? as to snatch both their parents, at the same time, barely up to the age of handling life. 

Just then, did her body finally reacted to the news, as she screamed out in agony before she wept bitterly, her legs quivering and about to give out. She wept all through, but no amount of tears could bring back the dead as, they were gone and forever departed from the living.

Death is really a bitch in it's own way. It hurts to look back and, see that all those whom you've started the journey with are all gone, just in a blink of an eye. Derin knew now that she and her sister where all alone, it didn't matter if they had family as, it just wouldn't feel the same.

No one can ever love them, like their own parents and so, no family member will ever be able to fill in for their parents. They were orphans and they were alone. If the heavenly God actually existed, then maybe, he wouldn't have allowed the cold, wicked and heartless hands of death to take their parents.


"The cords of death entangled me, the anguish of the grave came over me; I was overcome by distress and sorrow."-Psalm 116: 3(NIV version)

Elizabeth and bamidele Ajayi were buried a week later, and this is when the reality of being alone and orphans, began to torment and reached the girls. Their late father's brother laid claim on all the properties, and wealth that had once belonged to their father and, ought to be passed onto them.

As if adding more salt to their injury, Uncle Bide also demanded that the girls leave the house, the one thing that shouldn't be taken away from them. Derin couldn't take this pure act of insolence against her and, her sister and so she tried to fight back; letting Bide know that he's got no right to take their house away from them.

It would have been a winning case, only if the others supported the girls but, they didn't and so, the girls lost the house along with the other properties to Bide. 

As if they really cared and, just to show their sympathy. The family decided that Danielle should stay with their aunt Bolanle while, Jola had to stay with another distant relative, who happened to be their dad's stepsister "Bunmi" who stayed in Port-Harcourt. 

She had to move in with this family member, even thou it was hard for her to part from her sister, her life, and friends. She also did not know this said woman and, it felt as if she was just walking into a life of pure darkness. She couldn't bare to be away from her sister, Danielle is the only one she has left and, they still decided to separate them.

Even though this hurt still burned in her heart and, she wanted and wished so much that she'll be able to take her sister and go away from them but, she lacked the courage to do so. Therefore, she had no other choice but, to just obey and go on with life.

"Behind every trial and sorrow that He makes us shoulder, God has a reason."
Khaled Hosseini




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