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Amsterdam, Netherlands

March 17th

1400 Local Time

            At a local park, there was a team of runners that had sat down in the wake of victory. “We did beautiful today guys. Like a well-oiled machine.” One runner said. He was wearing Blue and Orange, with unruly brown hair. “Cut the crap, Kane.” Another runner said. “That last one was all you. You gotta be some sort of superhuman to move like that. What’s your secret?” Kane replied “I’m just good at what I do I guess. Anyway, I’m late for a formal tonight. I gotta run.” Kane then ran off into the city. Even jogging, he was much faster than the average human being. Once he reached a building along the busy street, he climbed up the ladder on the side and ran across the buildings. He leaped across the massive gaps between them with ease. After a few minutes, he jumped down into an alley. “Alright, Talie where are you. You had something to tell me?” Kane yelled. Amber then stood up from behind a dumpster and walked towards him. “You’re telling me you had me wait for four hours just for you to go to a track meet?” Kane replied “I have a team of my own to lead kid. I mean what’s the point of having these powers if you can never use them?” Natalie then snapped “Fine. I’m just here to give you this. Keep an eye out for terrorists and don’t die. I’m way behind schedule now and I don’t have time to waste.” Kane asked “Is that really all you came here to do? Hand me some cell phone and snap at me? There has to be more than that.” Nat shrugged and said “Yeah there’s more. These terrorist guys know how to find us. So we’re launching a counter-attack. I don’t know when or how, but all Elites need to be in the loop.” Nat handed him the communicator. “So yeah, don’t die or anything.” “I guess I’ll see you soon Talie,” Kane said, as he jogged back to his home.

Adelaide, Australia

March 18th


            While many of the elites were towards the east, Jayson had taken the longest trek towards Australia. After being in flight for over twelve hours, he finally landed in the artists’ city known as Adelaide. Jay pulled out his cell phone and put in the location where he would find his target. His name was Frank Hawville, a seventeen-year-old art student at a local college. He walked through many crowds until he reached the campus. He walked into the artists building and towards the painters. Jayson saw one person in a wheelchair, sitting at a canvas.  

            Jay silently walked towards the person in the wheelchair, making no noise as he stepped closer, and closer. Suddenly the student said, “You’re not supposed to be here sir.” Jayson replied, “Don’t mind me, I’m just looking for someone.” The student turned around and faced Jay. His face was scarred across his nose and lip. His eyes were a glistening steel color, and he had brownish-blonde hair.“Alrighty then. Who are you looking for a mate?” The student asked. Jay then asked “Frank Hawthorne. Do you know him? He’s supposed to be a student here.” The student interrupted “You must be talking about the little guy. He’s a pretty chill dude if you ask me.” Jay excitedly said, “So you know where I can find him?” 

The student finally grabbed his cane and stood up from his wheelchair, hunched over. “You’re looking at him mate. And I was just about to head out. Seeing as you’ve come all the way from America just to see me, this must be important. What’s the deal?” Somewhat confused, Jayson pulled a device from his bag and said “My associates have reason to believe that Endgame knows the identities of all our recruits, yourself included. But before I give you this I need to know that you are who you claim to be.” Frank replied “For Pete's sake I’m bloody sure I know who I am. Is it that my physique isn’t convincing? I assure you that I am the Elite your friend Nicole recruited last month. I know who you are Mr. Thomas, and if you want to toss all this bulldust around then maybe you can just leave. I will, however, take that communicator off your hands. You never know when Endgame might decide to come back to kill us all.” Frank snatched the communicator from Jayson and said “I know what to do. There’s a rendezvous too right? In case they do find me.” Jay replied “Actually there is. Most Elites have it, but I guess not all.” Jay tapped a card on Frank’s communicator, and the coordinates popped up. “18.4655° North,  66.1057° West. Gonna be a heck of a swim mate.” Frank said. Jay interrupted “There’s a submarine in Sydney in the docks. It will take you to the safehouse if you lose contact.” Frank asked, “Wait, am I the last person for you to reach out to?” “No,” Jayson said. “There’s one more person I need to meet in Oceania. They could end up being one of our greatest aids in this fight.” In an instant, Jayson was out the door. Frank grabbed his coat and hobbled out of the building for the night.

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