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Simmons Manor

1700 Local Time

            As Rob carried the massive ice block into the mansion, the other Elites were looking at the TV. “I guess we weren’t the only ones hit with bombings. Over fifty bombings occurred in the hour that this one occurred.” Samantha said. “We need answers. Why so many bombings?” Laura asked. “To show that they don’t care about authority, because they can’t be touched,” Zach said coldly. He turned to his friends and continued “The longer we wait to find out what’s happening, the more time we waste ready to catch a bullet. We need to do something while we still can.”  Jayson interrupted and said “You’re right. We need to unfreeze this guy and get answers.” Laura said “I’ve never been able to unfreeze people before. Will he even be alive?” Zach replied “He should be. I can guide you through it if you want.” “We can.” Nicole interrupted, reaching out for her hand. Rob noticed this almost instantly but said nothing.

            Robert placed the chunk of ice down in the lab. “It’s all set. Do what you want.” He said as he sat down in a swivel chair. Laura placed her hand on the ice where the soldier’s face was. Zach placed his hand on her shoulder and said “Just breathe. Visualize energy flowing through you, and into the ice.” Parts of the ice started glowing blue and becoming clearer. “Now Nicole.” Zach continued. Nic put her hand on the ice, and the glowing blue at the top of the chunk began to glow red. The ice melted slowly, and Laura pulled the water droplets off the ice and let it float in the air. After a couple of moments, the soldier’s face was completely freed. “Nat the hot tea please,” Jay said. She handed him the tea, and Jay poured it down the soldier’s throat. He immediately sprang back to life and saw the Elites in front of him. He tried to move, but the rest of his body was still frozen. “Ah, the Elites. To what do I owe this meeting?” Jayson stepped forward and said “We need to ask you a few questions. We will know if you’re lying.” The soldier then said, “She’ll know if I’m lying.” He peered directly at Sam. “Who are you? Where are you from?” She asked. The soldier replied “My name is Sergei Demenok. I am an IATO operative from Moscow, Russia.” Natalie spoke, “You were there the night Guardian was captured right?” Sergei responded coldly “Yes. I was there that morning.” “Where did they take him?” Sam asked. “He was taken to Siberia. But I was deployed to London right before he was moved again. Very few people know his true whereabouts.” Sergei responded. “Why did all those bombings happen?” Robert asked. Sergei replied, “To find you.” Sam said “That can’t be it. There’s more to this you aren’t telling us. Why did Endgame plan so many bombings at once?” Sergei continued “You Elites cannot resist running in blindly to save lives. Two of you did here, and countless others followed your lead worldwide. We know who all of you are, and we know where to find you. The era of the Elites is coming to an end children. In the history books, you will only be seen as a stain upon our new empire.” Laura examined the remaining ice and asked: “Has that red light always been on?” Jayson saw the red light pulsing at Sergei’s waist. “He’s been signaling our location this entire time.” He said. 

            Doctor Simmons came down the stairs and yelled: “MI6 is on the premises!” Zach interrupted and said “My scanners show no police activity in the area. It has to be IATO.” Laura said, “We need to get you guys out of here fast.” “But what about you?” Nicole asked. Dr. Simmons replied “I’ve got a plane to catch in an hour. I’ll be going to America to perform some maintenance on our Watson Unit. Verna is already there. I’ll be able to keep in touch. Laura will be safe at a safe house in the city.” Zach grabbed all the new communicators and put them in a bag. Dr. Simmons pressed his hand against the wall, and parts of the wall slid in and opened into an elevator. They all stepped in and went deep below into a bunker. 

            Inside the bunker, two doors opened. “The rail on your left will lead you to an airfield. You’ll be able to escape that way.” Laura said. “So now you heroes are going off to the greatest mission of all time. Unfortunately, this is where I must leave you.” She hugged each of them until she reached Nicole. Holding back tears, Laura kissed her on the cheek and said “When all this ‘New World Order’ crap is over, please come back for me. Thanks for everything you’ve done for me in your time here. I’ll miss you.” Nicole held her hand and said “Don’t worry. I’ll come back for you.” She handed her a new communicator and stepped into the rail with the others, while Laura and Dr. Simmons entered the other rail.   

            Around the manor, windows were being blown out as more soldiers entered the house, with Jordan Barnes leading them. He walked down the stairs into the lab, where Sergei was frozen entirely. “Get him out of here. Search the area and find them!” Unbeknownst to the soldiers, one pod ran underneath the pond in front of the house. Another went directly underneath the house to the airfield.

            Inside the second pod, the Elites waited silently for a while. “Do you think they’ll be ok?” Nicole asked. “I’m sure they’ll be fine, but we can’t worry about them now. We need to make our next move.” Zach’s eyes glowed ice blue as a projection was placed on the wall. “Between the six of us, we have roughly thirty communicators. Meaning each of us will get five or six.” Zach said calmly. “Our best option is to get the communicators to as many unregistered Elites as possible and warn them. I’ve developed flight paths so we can optimize efficiency among us. I’ll upload them before we take off. The only catch is that the only way for this to work is for us to split up.” Sam interrupted “We can’t split up now! We’ve been trying to stay together so we can’t be picked off.” Zach said “If you would let me finish then maybe you’d understand. We’ve wasted an entire week here waiting for stuff to get done. In that time we’ve put ourselves at a higher risk. IATO knows exactly who we are and where to find us. We’re running out of time and options. We’ve wasted enough time. I can’t allow us to waste any more time.” “So now we need a plan to spread out. Since there are five jets, Sam will have to travel with one of us.” Nat said. Robert interrupted, saying “I’ll take Bismuth off your hands. Where are we headed?” Jayson then said “We follow Zach’s flight paths. I’ll take the Oceania run since it’s the longest up to Australia. Amber can take Central Europe and France. Ruby Europe runs from here all the way down to Spain. Sapphire can take the Middle East and Africa. Bismuth and Stone can take South America. I’ll activate the link in 32 hours. Once all Elites have the communicators we can hide out at a bunker in India until we come up with a plan.” 

            After a while, the pod reached the end of the tunnel. It slowly rose up to the surface “We’re here.” Zach said. The doors opened up into a massive tarmac. “So this is where we part ways I guess,” Jayson said. He shook hugged each of his friends and said “Stay safe guys. Watch your backs. We’ll see each other soon.” They each split off to their jets. Rob and Sam ran for the largest of them and climbed into the two-person cockpit. “Now all we need is a lot of luck. You ready Sam?” Robert asked. Wearing headphones, Sam gave him two thumbs up. All the jets then took off from the airfield. First Ruby split off and flew South, Amber and Bluestone went East, Sapphire flew West with Stone. They were finally off to find the other Elites.

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Jeremy Gay
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