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March 15th


            The Elites had now been in London for four days. Their hideout was secure, but they were always uneasy. Zach and Jay were in the basement, setting up the new communicators they received the day before. “I’ll take over from here. It’ll only be a few hours.” Zachary said to his friend, who was placing the remaining wires into one of the phones. Jay stood up and went outdoors.

            Jayson walked out of the mansion to a massive courtyard. He picked up a pair of katanas on the ground and said: “Watson are you there?” A computer screen nearby then lit up blue and responded: “What do you need me to do Young Master Thomas?” Jayson replied “Set up Combat Sim level six. Let this be the perfect duel.” Two robots rose out of carriages in the ground, each wielding a sharp blade. “Begin,” Watson said. The two robots then leaped at Jayson, with their swords raised high. Jay raised his swords and blocked their overhead strikes. On the ground, he blocked many of their slashes and strikes. When he had a chance, he jabbed his katana towards his adversary, but his blow was quickly blocked. The droids continued to advance, swinging their swords left and right. Jayson was beginning to lose his stance. Just as the robot in front of him swung its sword at him, he leaped through the air and landed behind the droid. He took his left sword and impaled the droid through the chest. He then took the sword from the robot’s claw and tossed it at the second droid. It quickly reacted and blocked the sword throw, but as it did Jayson slid below the strike and sliced the droid’s legs off. As it lost balance and fell, Jay stabbed it directly through the camera. He turned around to see Samantha sitting on the steps with Natalie. “I didn’t know you knew how to use a sword. You tore those drones to shreds man!” Sam yelled. Jayson placed both swords in a sheath and said “It’s a dying art. I gotta keep legacy alive somehow.” Sam spoke “Ehh. I never got into it. I mean what’s the point of a sword in the modern day. What are you gonna do when a guy comes up to you with a gun? Slice his hand off? By then you’d already be dead.” Jay replied, “Nat give Sam your gun.” Natalie then stood up and said, “I don’t have a gun.” Jay insisted “Yes. You do. The phone-shaped one in your left pocket. Give it to her and load a bullet.” Sulking, Natalie took the rectangular block out of her pocket and pulled on a loose corner. The entire side of the phone swung open to reveal a trigger, and the side created a handle. The two open ports on the top became barrels as Nat placed one bullet inside. 

She handed the loaded gun to Sam. “Now shoot me,” Jay said. “No, I don’t wanna hurt you. Why are you even making me do this?” Sam asked. “Do it now!” Jayson yelled. Looking away, Sam pulled the trigger. There was a loud bang as Jay collapsed on the ground, and stopped moving. “Holy crap Jay!!!” Sam yelled, running to her friend’s aid. She held him on her lap as he lay there. “Take a look…” Jay said, his voice fading. As Sam examined his body, there was no bullet hole or any traces of blood. “How?” Sam asked. Jay replied, “Look to my right.” She looked down and saw Jay’s sword on the ground with burn marks. Next, to the sword, there was only half a bullet. “Son of a bitch!” Sam yelled as she dropped  Jayson on the ground. “You had me thinking I actually hurt you!” Jay slowly replied “It takes more than one bullet to kill me. I would say probably around four.” Sam was about to storm back into the house when Jay said “I can teach you how to use a sword like that. It may take a while but I can at least point you in the right direction.” Sam turned around and said “I might actually like that. I mean we’re getting ready for war, least I can do is learn to use a sword.” Nat interrupted and said, “I can teach you some self-defense techniques too if you want.” “Cool,” Sam said. Jay tossed a sword and they got to work.

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Jeremy Gay
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