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The Himalayas

11:30 am Chinese time

            In the mountains, a small jet was flying through the rigorous terrain. Aboard the jet, the Elites were preparing for the fight of their lives. Inside, Jayson was giving a briefing to his teammates. “Given the location of this hidden base, it will likely be heavily guarded. Meaning, we have to be ready for anything.” Jay said “For any extreme obstacles in the way, Rob will use his rock manipulation ability to shift anything over. Any questions?” There was nothing but silence. Nic then said “Sam, stay here and keep watch over Kaiser. The rest of us will infiltrate the facility, get Wade, and put an end to the Endgame.” A few minutes later, they began their descent into the mountains of Siberia.

Siberia, Russia

1:17 pm Novosibirsk Time 

          The mountains were covered with snow and ice. Ruby was struggling to keep the small plane steady in the strong winds. The jet was getting tossed left and right. Bismuth just stared out the window in awe. She had never left the country before, let alone seen such large mountains. Slowly and steadily, their jet continued to glide closer and closer to its destination. After a few minutes, the Elites were on the ground. The ground was very rough and uneven. The four of them stepped out and walked towards the side of the mountain. Before stepping into the cold, Bluestone grabbed a futuristic looking rifle. “There’s nothing here. It’s exactly how we left it.” Amber said. Bluestone then stepped closer to the rugged wall, wearing an odd pair of glasses, wired to a bag. “I don’t know. Last time we didn’t have well-developed tech.” He said. “I’m picking up metal reinforcement here. There’s an air current.” Ruby interrupted and said, “It’s a secret door.” Amber then began to devise a plan. “If we wait until dark, we could climb up. Or wait for a cloud. Or maybe even…” “I can get us in.” Stone said. “I do all the heavy lifting around here don’t I?” Stone then walked to the edge and clenched his fists. Almost immediately, the mountain began to move. Rocks began to crumble and shift off to the side, forming a tunnel into the mountain. They all began to walk into the opening. Ruby then gave her sister a pat on the back, saying “It’s been a while kid.” They all continued into the mountain. 

            As soon as they were all inside, the opening in the mountain sealed itself. Ruby and Amber then formed flames around their hands to act as torches. Right in front of them was a large wall. “Can you move it?” Bluestone asked. Before he could even get the words out of his mouth, the wall was slowly shifting upward into the ceiling. It was clear that Stone was struggling to keep the rocks raised. He rarely had to lift objects that large. As Stone held the wall up, everyone else walked underneath it before it fell shut. As they kept going, the team bumped into another wall. “We’ve got another one,” Ruby said. Amber then walked to Stone and said: “Let me help.” She put her hand on Stone’s shoulder and together, they raised the second wall. “God this is exhausting!” Amber exclaimed. Bluestone replied “They get heavier as they go because there are electromagnetic locks embedded in each rock specifically so that it has to be unlocked. They didn’t factor in that we have two heavy lifters.” After a few moments, the wall was raised high enough that they could slide underneath. The Elites continued to walk until they reached another wall. “Hold on!” Stone yelled. “I’m sensing metal reinforcement. There’s an air current… we’re underneath it.” Stone and Amber then forced the ground beneath them to rise from the surface. As it began to rise to the ceiling of the cavern, Amber forged her orange shield and covered everyone from the falling rock as they rose higher and higher into the mountain.

            As they moved further into the mountain, the Elites began to feel hesitant. “I’m not feeling so good about this,” Ruby said. Bluestone replied “This isn’t sitting well with me either. But we’re too far to turn back.” While they were giving their input on the mission, Amber was freakishly calm about it. “How can you be so calm about this?” Stone asked. Amber replied, “You’ve never had a protective bubble.” Suddenly, everything began to tremble and shake. “You sure you can do this?” Amber asked Stone. “I can if you all would stop moving and shut up.” Suddenly, the shaking stopped and Stone stopped to rest. “We’re about a foot below the fortress. Who wants to knock?”

            Outside in the jet, Bismuth was just lying around until she noticed Kaiser tapping into the console. “What are you doing?” Kaiser turned around and replied “What does it look like? I’m escaping.” As that happened, he pressed a lock icon on the computer screen. It instantly lit up and said Transmitting. “You’re a fool to have done that.” Kaiser then chuckled. “Not even close. It would seem that your friends were fools. You’ve given me exactly what I wanted.” Bismuth nervously asked, “And what’s that?” Kaiser then said in an eerie tone “For you to end.” Seconds later, the doors of the jet opened. In stepped a tall man wearing black and green. He was withered and scarred but still had brown hair. But his eyes were no longer blue, but green. It was none other than Jordan Barnes. Barnes said to Kaiser “Please tell me you’re joking. You needed my help to get away from a little girl?” Bismuth interrupted and said, “Bitch who you calling a little girl?!” Barnes replied, “I thought it was obvious I was talking about you.” Bismuth then ran at the soldier, but before she could even lay a blow, she was on the floor, with her hands cuffed to a pole in the jet. “Don’t even bother using your powers. Those are inhibitor cuffs. They cut off any paranormal sources of energy.” Bismuth then said “This isn’t over. Once you find them, they’re gonna kick your ass.” Kaiser then said. “They’ll have to get through about 30 different soldiers first. And it’s gonna be impossible without their powers.” Kaiser and Barnes then stepped out of the jet and closed the door. Bismuth then bent down and bit her watch to start a call. “Guys! It’s a trap! You need to get out of there.” There was nothing but static on the other end. “C’ mon dammit! Work!” No matter how much she tried, the signal wouldn’t transmit. Meanwhile, their location was being transmitted, along with all their files and information.

            In the fortress, everything was quiet, until a ball of fire shot through the floor of the facility. Out flew Ruby as she destroyed all the sentries that were guarding the area. Next, Amber rose out of the large crevice with her powers as Bluestone held on. Once they were above the floor, Bluestone let go. Finally, the makeshift elevator filled in the gap as Stone came in. When the sentries were destroyed, the entire facility was empty. There were no guards on standby, no weapons or other soldiers were there. Seconds later, Ruby’s fireballs dissipated, Amber fell to the ground, and the hole in the floor reopened as the rock slid down to where they came in. “What the hell’s going on?” Ruby asked. Bluestone then activated his visor, and almost immediately he knew what had happened. “There’s an odorless toxin in here. Our powers don’t work in poison. Filters on before we inhale too much.” Each of them then turned on tiny gas filters in their masks and began to look for Guardian. Little did they know that the damage was already done. The abandoned building was dark and musty. Bluestone eventually stumbled upon a lab. As he stepped in, he could see shattered test tubes and an operating table. He then saw a cracked pod, with splatters of blood on the glass window. Bluestone drew his knife and wedged the pod open. When the pod opened, a greenish-blue fluid ran across the floor. Bluestone grabbed a couple of the test tubes and got samples of both the blood and the fluid. After that, he went back to the way they came in. But when Bluestone got there, his team was surrounded by Endgame soldiers. Three of them aimed their guns at Bluestone, yelling for him to drop his weapon. He quickly dropped the rifle and put his hands up. “Looks like your luck has run out government Elites. And to think it took so long to finally capture you.” Barnes said from a catwalk above them. “We would kill you now, not having your powers and everything. But you could prove useful to our cause later on.” Stone then said “And what makes you think we’ll join your cult? We didn’t wanna join before, this time isn’t any different. It’s pretty clear we’re never gonna see eye to eye on this. We want freedom, you want to take over the world. It’s not gonna work.” Barnes then said “Some deaths could be necessary. Kill the mouthy one. He’s too much of a dick to be worth anything to us.” The soldiers then grabbed Stone, and one put their gun to his head. But before the soldier could pull the trigger, he grabbed the gun and forced it away from his head. Stone then grabbed his tonfa and beat the soldier with it. As that happened, Amber pulled a pin and yelled: “Close your eyes or go blind!” She then tossed a small cylinder into the center of the room as the Elites covered their eyes. The bomb made a piercing screech as it blinded everyone who looked in its direction as it blew. Bluestone then grabbed his rifle and shot down some of the guards in flashed of blue light before being pulled away. “We don’t have time for this! We need to get out of here.” Ruby yelled as she tossed Bluestone down the hole they came in through. The rest of them jumped too. As the soldiers regained their hearing, they heard a beeping noise. Barnes knew exactly what it was and ran for the door he came through. Seconds later, the entire cavern blew apart and began to collapse. Barnes was barely able to get out of the building before it completely collapsed.

            When the Elites reached the bottom of the mountain, the gates had already been opened. They all sprinted back to the jet. When Bluestone pushed the button to open the back doors, it wouldn’t respond. “Dangit. It’s not opening. I forget I used my powers to trigger the lock” Bluestone said. Stone walked closer and put a key into it and forced the doors open. When they got inside, they saw Bismuth cuffed to the pole. “Sam! What happened?” Amber asked. “It was a trap! I tried calling but I couldn’t get a signal out. The man, the one who got Wade. He took Kaiser. I couldn’t stop him. I’m sorry.” Bismuth was beginning to tear up as Ruby undid the cuffs. Stone took off his mask and yelled “This is why we don’t take newbies on missions! They can’t defend themselves or anything if something happens.” Bluestone then said “Cool it, Rob! This is on all of us. They freed Kaiser, and now we’re gonna have to find him.” As he said this, they could see a grey helicopter fly overhead and leave. As this happened, the Elites took off in the opposite direction. “Really?” Nat said as she removed her orange mask. “We’re just gonna let them go?” Nicole then replied “I’ve seen this before. We can’t just go in guns blazing and take them down. Like this, we would kill Kaiser as well. Too risky. If anything happens to him, they could kill Wade.” Jay then stepped in and said “Nic’s right. It would be foolish for us to just shoot them down. We would lose our connection to Endgame, but they’ll still be able to find us. We need to go home, and figure this out.” 

Seconds later, there was a piercing screech coming from the console, and suddenly, the Elites logo went from blue to red as Kaiser appeared on the screen. “Good afternoon Elites. I’ll bet you’re wondering why or how I am contacting you. Well, it’s very simple. I am a being of technology. The perfect meld between man and machine. And out of your captivity, I become capable of accessing most technology, including your own. Now I’ll cut to the chase. We have your friend Wade Turner. There is only one option for his freedom. We trade his life for all of yours. The coordinates are already in your system. Simultaneously, if you go anywhere near your precious home, you will all be destroyed. On second thought, why not. And if you refuse to capture and stay in hiding, we will expose your world to the most inhumane acts imaginable. The kind of acts that make ISIS look like amateur pranksters. You have 15 seconds to change course, or face the consequences.” As soon as that happened, a loud alarm went off. “There’s a missile headed towards the base,” Nic said as the red dot grew closer and closer to home. They tapped into the cameras to see a ball of fire spiraling closer and closer until the screen went black. “It’s gone. We can’t go home.” Everyone went silent. The jet then changed direction. “Where are you taking us? We need to let our families know we’re safe.” Nat said. “That’s the problem, we’re not safe. We’ll contact our families but in the meantime, we need to get somewhere safe.” Jayson said. “And now that I think of it, I know exactly who we can go to.”

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