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Los Angeles, CA

8 pm: Western Time

            It was dusk in LA, but danger was lurking. One building had increased security that night. Blocks away, two people were watching from a rooftop. “See anything Ruby?” Bluestone whispered. “Not yet, just more guards,” Ruby replied. That night, Endgame was on the defensive as The Elites were closing in. For the past 9 months, they had been traveling the world tracking down Endgame soldiers and spies. When they discovered that their leader, Arnim Kaiser had 3 multiple remote units around the world after his main computer was destroyed. Since then, he had been sending himself over the internet to his other robotic bodies. They had found his real body in London in July, and transported it to a secure facility. Since then the Elites had been destroying the other units. And tonight, they would take down the last one and force Kaiser into a corner. When Ruby looked towards the top of the building, she finally saw him. This body was shaped more like a cylinder on wheels. Its face had a camera in the middle, with green LEDs as fake eyes. His mouth was only a small screen. “I see him!” Ruby yelled. “He’s here.” Bluestone then pulled out a small device from his pocket and pushed a button and placed it on the floor. In an instant, all Wi-Fi signals within a square mile were cut off. Ruby then pulled out a grappling hook and shot it at the building with a crossbow. When the hook hit the building, the blades drilled in to secure it. Ruby then tied the other end to the railing as Bluestone readied himself to jump. He grabbed the crossbow and slid down to the building.

            One security guard was on a balcony of the 21st floor of the building when he noticed the grappling hook embedded in the wall. “We have a security br…” Before the guard could finish the sentence, he had been kicked in the face by Bluestone as he let go of the cable. He quickly lunged through the open door and made his way into the building. Before the security guard could pick up the walkie-talkie, it was smashed to pieces by Ruby as she followed behind. When the two made their way through security, they were spotted and shot at. Ruby grabbed one and tossed him at two in a corner. As they continued to fire, Bluestone created a shield and blocked many of the bullets before pulling out twin shock pistols. He opened fire on many of them and took down many using a defense and offense tactic, while Ruby continued to use offense to push forward. While Ruby decided to take the stairs to the top, Bluestone got in the elevator and began to go up. Seconds later, the elevator dropped as Bluestone pulled out a grappling hook and attached it to his vest. As he continued to climb, more soldiers began opening the elevator doors and shooting down at him. Bluestone created shields to block the attacks and then shot at each soldier as he continued to be pulled up. As he made it to the top, he tossed his shields at the remaining gunmen. When he reached the top, he was met by Ruby. “What took you so long?” She asked. Bluestone groaned and walked past his teammate

            It didn’t take too long for Kaiser to realize what was happening. “They come for me.” He said. “Kill them all, put more men downstairs.” Below them, Ruby and Bluestone had opened the doors and began to take down guards easily. But as the bullets began to fire faster and more spread out, they had to change their tactics. “Ruby! Tactic 1-2! Go!” Ruby then shot flames in all directions as a distraction. Bluestone then ran behind her and jumped through an opening in the flames to take down the guards. Ruby continued forward and jumped out the window and fired a grappling hook at the roof. Bluestone continued to take down the guards until he was in front of the door Kaiser was behind. He was waiting for the signal.

            Kaiser then said “You two are the first ones to successfully apprehend me. And it only took 9 months and 3 days. I should congratulate you, but this is where it must end.” When he turned around, both of his remaining guards were on the floor with burn marks. The machine was face to face with Ruby. Suddenly, the lock on the front door was disabled as Bluestone walked in. “Hey there Arnie. It’s been a while.” “Thomas, Jayson. You think this is the end. You fail to see the big picture. In the end, you will fall. And your entire initiative will die with you.” Kaiser had a stern tone in his inexpressive robotic voice. Bluestone replied “Yeah it will, but we’re not taking you dead. I just need something important. And since you can’t escape, this is the perfect opportunity.” He then unscrewed Kaiser’s face and saw the internal mechanics, he reached in and pulled out the motherboard and power source. Bluestone then cut the power cable, shutting down his system. Just as he did, sirens began to go off. The police had arrived because of an anonymous tip of potential threats. “That’s our cue,” Bluestone said as he put Kaiser’s drive in a pocket. He then pushed a button on his wrist. The two then made their way to the roof as a small jet flew overhead. Ruby and Bluestone then launched grappling hooks into it as the bottom opened. In an instant, they were gone. They pulled themselves in as the doors closed. Bluestone then pulled off his mask and said “I think this just about wraps things up. This finishes phase one. When we get back to Miami, we can begin phase two.” Ruby then took off her mask and took over the controls. In an instant, they were off just as police arrived in the building. “So that drive has him right?” Ruby asked. Jay was feeling the textures on the drive and saw the Endgame symbol. “Yep. This is him alright. We’re finally gonna bring this to a close.” Suddenly, a red light started beeping on the dashboard. “Aw crap.” Ruby said “An illegal weapons deal is going down in the Port of Miami. And we’re a good three hours out at top speed.” Bluestone then turned on the intercom “Red Topaz to Atrium: I’m not sure if you got the alert but your presence is needed at the Port. Hurry.” Bluestone then sent the transmission and said “Let’s just hope Rob isn’t asleep or watching Netflix. Once he starts, he doesn’t stop…This is gonna be our first time home in three months. Three months we’ve been trying to catch Kaiser. And now we have him.” Ruby replied “And it doesn’t hurt that we’ve developed quite the fan base. We’ll have our very own international club within a matter of months.”

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Jeremy Gay
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