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Chicago, Illinois

March 8, 2018

 It was still dark outside when Natalie was woken by her roommate Samantha. “What is it Sam?” she asked, yawning. “Samantha replied “Wade picked up something on the security cameras. You’ll have to suit up for this one.” Nat then looked at her clock. It read 5:38 am in bright red. She moaned as she got out of bed and opened her closet. Inside, was a yellowish-orange suit. Similar to a ninja outfit, with silver detailing along the body as well as the mask. Nat put on the suit and grabbed a gold cloak from behind it. Amber had been in Chicago for nearly 4 months since she left her original team, the Elites. Wade decided that it was fitting for her to join him and his girlfriend Samantha for more space to move freely with her way of taking criminals. Wade was already in the kitchen reviewing the camera feed on his laptop when Amber walked in. “Ok, so I found multiple current and ex-cons at the convention center. Mainly high-tech villains. It proves our theory that Endgame has still been doing their dirty work with expendable gangs. But why there? It’s a convention center, not a bank. There’s nothing going on there for the next month that would be of interest to them.” Amber replied “Who cares why they’re there. They’re villains, we’re heroes. It’s human nature. So I say we take them down quickly so we can go back to sleep.” In an instant, the duo was out of the window, headed to the convention center.

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Jeremy Gay
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