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Minutes past and there was nothing but silence between the three men, the only sound that could be heard was the barking of dogs and the noises of the sheep. It seemed like Sivard had fallen asleep while on a horse, which is an actually remarkable feat. It really is. Hugo was watching his boys at work. From his view, no matter how many times he saw this it was always a marvel. Liebhaber, on the other hand, felt awkward due to all this stillness, he scratched the back of his neck while gazing at the sheep and dogs racing around, and thinking that this is really boring, and was trying to come up with a fun topic to talk about. Unfortunately for him, his not much of a conversationalist, so time passed without a word.

Hugo grinning like a child thought it was a great idea to teach these new folks about his profession. It was such a fun and loving topic that he couldn't contain himself. Surely these young men would understand. He unleashed everything he knew. It was a tsunami of information. Torrents after torrents.

Did you know farm dogs are very strong, tough, and extremely fit? They work in all sorts of environments and depending on what their jobs are they may run up to 60-100 and even more kilometres a day. These dogs are known as the herding dogs, they are also called heeler dogs, driving dogs, stock dogs, and working dogs depending on where you're from or the person owning the farm.

Hugo kept going on and on, unrelenting, without pause, an all-out siege. Outspoken people with some manners hearing all this would tell Hugo to 'chill', 'calm down', 'tone it down', 'relax', 'you're getting too carried away', 'shut up', 'please stop talking you're scaring me'. Unfortunately, or maybe, fortunately, Hugo just absolutely loved his job and his boys too much. When it came to dogs, sheep, farming, wool, and beer, there was nothing that could be considered too much, or too carried away. They just didn't understand it, and they just don't understand the culture of it.

Hugo told them all about the basic herding dog commands. For example, 'bye', means go clockwise around the stock, while on the other hand, the command 'away', conveys to the boys to go counter-clockwise around the stock. 'Stand' denotes to stop, 'steady' signifies to slow down, 'back' indicates to move away from the stock, 'hold' represents that the stock must be kept where they are, while 'speak up' stands for the boys to bark at the stock. Then you got the command 'here' that designates the boys to go through a gap in the flock when it is necessary to separate the stock. There is also a command called 'walk on', this implies to the boys to move in closer to the stock, and finally, you got the best one out of all the numerous commands, 'that'll do', which is the greatest one. This one tells the boys to stop working and return to the handler so that they all can go back home and get a good feed.

Hugo further explains that these commands can be indicated by hand movements, whistles or using your own voice. Only true handlers have an unbreakable bond with their boys. Hugo then continues to lecture even more.

As Hugo continues on and on, Liebhaber can even see the salvia in his mouth forming, drool slowly leaking out, and his spit shooting out of his mouth like fireworks. The young man also notices that this farmer has a rather a lot of dirty yellow stains on his teeth. Thinking to himself 'ew', and that Hugo really needs to brush his teeth more, as well as using mouthwash and floss too.

As Liebhaber's brain is being constantly overloaded with too much information, his having so much difficulty processing what his hearing. Hugo is talking so fast, so much, with such intensity that Liebhaber is now starting to see a hallucination of an overbearing aura emitting from Hugo's body and completely encapsulating him. Liebhaber really didn't want to hear all this ranting, but since his such a nice and kind-hearted person he didn't want to interrupt him, for Hugo was having a blast, smiling constantly, laughing and giggly on as he talked. Liebhaber was pondering when all of this was going to end or was this going to be forever.

During all this, Sivard was still sleeping without anyone noticing. He was having a nice dream.


Rudolf and Sechen were in the quaint home of the farming family. There, they were helping Sugo, the wife of Hugo and the mother of Lizz, with basic household chores, ranging from dishwashing, dish drying, cleaning the house, washing and drying clothes, taking out the trash, recycling, and preparing for the feast for dinner.

Back to where Ji, Lizz and Vasily is.

Ji decided to take a short break, to cool down from the heat of the sun, and from the hard work, he had done so far. He can hear Lizz rambling to him about something. That girl is always complaining. She needs to understand that all that anger can lead to stress, and stress leads to high blood pressure, and high blood pressure leads to a stroke. We wouldn't want Lizz to suffer from a stroke, do we?

Not only that, she just doesn't understand, that overworking leads to less productivity. Overworking is absolutely terrible, it leads to exhaustion, destroys the worker's work and personal life, and it causes mass suicides of poor helpless workers. So many countries are suffering from this severe issue. The problems are caused by poor work culture, society pressure for stupidity, and bad governance. When you look at countries with businesses and governments, promoting and even enforcing laws that create working hour limits, which leads to a positive healthy work culture which leads to better productivity rates. This has already been proven by science! It all makes sense when you read the research. Good governance by governments, excellent administration by businesses, organizations that help people and businesses that promote good work culture enhances productivity rates, improves work culture creates a healthy and less self-killing working force.

Ji thinking to himself, that if he decides to explain all this, Lizz probably, wait no, she definitely doesn't have the mental capacity to even comprehend all this. What a poor girl for being so silly and stupid. Work! Work! Work! Work! Clean that shit! Clean this shit! Blah! Blah! She doesn't understand anything at all. Oh well, it can't be helped.

Ji continues to look at the sky and feels the gentle fresh breath of wind hit his face, to cool him down, and in an instant, his facial reaction changes to disgust from the putrid smell of sheep dung covering his face. He forgot that this area has so many shits all over the place. All that nasty smell in the air. It's like a wave of shit hit him! He quickly covers his nose, knowing that it won't help him at all, he did this out of a natural body reaction or stupidity.

His blinded by the smell, after recovering somewhat, he thought of a brilliant plan, where he would throw shit at Sivard and Liebhaber for getting this role. Wait no, terrible plan. If he did this, Sivard and Liebhaber will without a doubt attack him, taking on two people at the same time is no easy matter. Instead, he thought of a new idea, when they go to bed tonight, he'll place a pile of shit on their face and make a good escape. But how will he do this? Ji thought he could grab some shit here, two good solid shit, and put them in his pocket, but then decided not to because that's actually really disgusting. Ji didn't care about Sivard and Liebhaber having faeces covering their entire face, its just that he didn't want to pick up shit with his hands and place them inside his pockets. Furthermore, if he did that, Lizz and Vasily will question him in his actions. This plan was no good. Instead, he would sneak out of the house at night, when everyone was sleeping, get a spade and use that to carrying two lovely beautiful poops. However, more issues arise in this new plan. Going out of the house all the way here will take ages, not only that, if the trio manages to clean all these manures here, they will be no shit left, unless Ji decides to be a little sneaky, and hide two poops somewhere, but he knows he can't do this with Lizz constantly watching him, she'll find this act suspicious. Maybe, they may be some hidden excrement somewhere or a place they forgot to clean up. Another issue is that how can he find it in the dark? He can use a candle, lantern or a fire torch but he doesn't have any, however, the would definitely have some, but Ji doesn't know where those items are located, and if he went searching for those items in their home, it would look extremely suspicious, it'll make him appear to be a thief, and even if he tried to talk his way out, they would ask him, why would you need those things anyway. He can't let this happen. So, he has no choice but to search in the dark, where it would be difficult to see. Additionally, how long would it take to find these animal excrements in the dark? After considering all of these, the effort was just too much to bear and the likely-hood of finding quality pieces of shit was unlikely. In the end, Ji gave up on his plan and continued to gaze at the blue sky.

Next thing you know, a flying poop just flew past ji, it was roughly about 4.5 Centimetre away from his face, he instantly turned around and knew that the perpetrator was Lizz Taylor! Ji directly focused his gaze on the heart of her cold-blooded eyes. Thinking to himself that this girl never learns. Out of reflex, using his trusty poop scraper which he just now nicknamed 'The Destroyer of Worlds', picked a heavy load of dung, and entered siege mode. Ji ever so gracefully positioned himself perfectly, now calculating the angel, trajectory, and wind flow to fling the perfect shot onto Lizz. Lizz had already taken up her battle stance, and already had a pile of shit ready to bring death upon Ji.

"Alright you two, that's enough." Said, Vasily.

No response came from them.

"Can you two really sto-"

In an instant Lizz catapulted a turd right at Vasily's face, Vasily swiftly avoided by ducking.

"THAT COULD'VE LANDED ON MY FACE! DO YOU KNOW HOW DIGUSTING THAT IS! PLEASE TELL ME THAT YOU KNEW I COULD'VE DODGED THAT! HEY! HEY! ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME! LIZZ! LIZ-" Vasily madly jumped as high as he could to dodge a shooting crap that Ji had launched right at Vasily's leg.

"HEY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING! THAT'S REVOLTING! DON'T THROW THAT AT ME! WHAT ARE YOU THINKING! ENOU-" Vasily quickly sided stepped to dodge incoming fire.

"STOP IT!" Roared Vasily.

"Oi! You're too loud. If you keep talking like that people will throw shit at you." Said Ji.


"Me. And her." Replied Ji.

At that moment, Lizz ever so swiftly threw a large dirty filthy nasty looking dung at Vasily, and Vasily ever so gracefully avoided the shot.


"You really need to learn how to be quiet. No girls likes a loud guy. You'll never get a girlfriend that way." Said Lizz.


"Everything." Stated Ji.

"Yeah," Lizz added on.


"Yeah!" Both said at the same time.

"NOW YOUR TALKING IN UNISON!" Screeched the brown-haired young man.

"Yeah!" Replied Ji and Lizz simultaneously.

"JUST GET TO WORK! IT'S OUR JOB! WE HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY TO FULFIL-" Vasily swiftly did a quarter turn to evade the incoming fire from Ji and ducked straight after to elude a shot hurled by Lizz.

"I'VE HAD ENOUGH! YOU TWO ARE HOPELESS! IM GOING TO WORK ON MY OWN!" As Vasily walks away fuming with rage, a loud cackling was heard at that very moment.

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