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'so who is your leader?' the ten year old boy who was extremely handsome that it seemed out of place wearing a t-shirt, a pair of shorts and flip flops asked in a calm voice as he walked forward although at regular pace it seemed slow to the assassins, you could see the silver bracelets on his wrists and ankles gleam which made his movements look graceful, 'hahaha so tor was not only useless but also a pretty boy, shame i know a few women who would pay a fortune to acquire you but i am getting a bigger one just for killing you' the masked man said in a mocking tone 'eh is that so?' tor asked in a mischievous voice and in the next second he appeared right in front of the assassin that spoke 'so you're the leader? you're last' he put his hand on his shoulder and the assassin leader could not move 'wh...what did you do to me? i thought mandates were sealed in this space' the assassin leader said in a slightly panicked voice as he struggled ferociously to break out of tor's time pause. 'and whose space is this?' tor asked with a smile and spatial lights flickered through his eyes as he appeared in the air next to two of the three drones and pulled his sword from the scabbard slashing a couple of times but was too fast fo their eyes and in a flash they were both sliced through and crashed on the ground in a sea of flames. 'hmm this won't do, why don't you all just come at me with all you have at once' tor said looking at them with his eyes reflecting the flames and releasing a bit of bloodlust but instead of biting the bait the grounded assassins moved back as the plasma tanks focused their attacks on tor. the plasma blast was about to hitter but a few inches before it vanished into thin air 'you can never hit me like that' tor mocked them in the tone the assassin leader had used and as he finished his words the same plasma energy came through a spatial vortex onto the tanks that fired and started a chain reaction of explosions. the assassins were scared and astonished by the scene before their eyes and in the next second Tor vanished again this time appearing in front of one of the hidden snipers and stuck his right hand out his sword slid in his throat right above his gun before he could even react or blood began gushing out, Tor vanished again appearing behind another assassin slicing his head off his shoulders cleanly, after which he turned to glance at the immobile leader, blood flowing out from the neck of the assassin behind him but none of it even got close to him. 'can you guess who's next?' as he finished his question, he deflected the bullet that was shot by a sniper into the leader's knee and in the next moment appeared above the sniper landing hard on his back and fracturing his spine while the branch he was set up on snapped and as he fell to the ground with tor landing on top him again his chest burst spraying blood around. Tor turned 180 degrees sticking his sword out straight parallel to his chest and in the next moment another sniper bullet appeared at the tip of the sword staying there as if frozen in time 'puny bullets' Tor commented sarcastically as he looked in the direction of the sniper who shot at him, the sniper feeling a sense of foreboding began to retreat and the remaining assassins began to converge knowing Tor would go after the one who shot at him. they began spontaneously firing in tor's direction but he vanished and appeared behind them and right infant of the direction the fleeing assassin was going to. 'you forget our mandate is space' tor reminded him as he grabbed the assassin by the neck pulling him down to eye level 'uncle said to always look someone in the eyes when talking to them' the other assassins ceased fire because they didn't wish to hit their comrade who was now a meat shield for tor 'now i don't expect you to tell me but ill ask, who sent you?' the assassin said nothing and all his eyes showed was the terror he was feeling from just being there 'it wasn't supposed... to be like... this' the assassin barely mustered up the courage to say a few words. 'i guess life never works the way you want it to' Tor replied feeling his pain and breaking his neck. 'three more, so can any of you offer up a name?' tor asked with a smile as he turned and looked at the three, they stared at the ten year old boy who was both terrifying and regal they came to understand why he was named tor. the next instinct they had was to flee but knew they had to if they were going to survive so they all ran in the direction of the leader to carry him out of there, tor appeared right at their convergence point and as they wanted to scatter they realised their bodies wouldn't move 'monster! just what are you' one of the assassins screamed in horror 'well don't take me as anything special, i only froze the space around you guys so i don't have to wast my time chasing you down' and as Tor was done talking he unsheathed his sword and with a flash three masked heads rolled to the ground, blood and fire mixing and making the whole night look red something out of a horror movie. With that Tor walked calmly towards the leader 'since you don't want to tell me who sent you then tell me if you have anymore toys for me to break' tor stood infant of him looking at the immobile leader with an expectant smile as he asked. 'the mission was meant to be easy thanks to this place. your guards were meant to be powerless against our shear force and they were but who would have thought that there was not a trash with special privileges but a monster who was paid to stay in his den' the assassin leader spoke clearly shook and regretting the fact that he took the mission. 'thank you very much for the compliment or whatever, its time for you to be on your way now' Tor replied with a yawn as he covered his mouth with his right hand raising his sword with the left, his sword sliced the leader in two.
at this point the guards bowed in front of Tor 'we are sorry young lord the cottage has been destroyed due to our incompetence we will accept any punishment' joe the leader spoke with so much sincerity in his voice. 'oh whats with the sudden change in attitude' tor asked sarcastically looking directly at them, all the guards except jin bowed their heads lower not able to meet Tor's gaze. 'well whatever its not like they could ruin something uncle ter built so easily' he then waved his hand and the fire vanished leaving charred trees but the cottage was still as good as ever 'oh as expected of the great elder' joe said in praise of the great elders ability. 'as for punishment, you have to regrow all the charred trees, don't even miss one' Tor said in a commanding but mischievous voice, 'yes young lord' the elite guards replied in unison.

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