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outside tor's courtyard AT THE SAME time:
'Don't forget this is meant to be a quiet job, we're in, we kill them and we're out. he has 10 rotating guards but if we kill a few they will flee because they don't believe he's worth dying to protect and the enforcement team or city guards won't show up for another 40 minutes so make sure he's dead' the masked leader in a black cotton attire spoke under the darkness as over twenty similarly dressed men listened quietly, 'our Lord has stated that failure is not permitted and anyone who is unmasked should be killed on the spot and their heads brought back' the leader continued in a voice that sounded as though he believed the mission would be a total success. 'understood, we will obey the words of the elder' the men said as they saluted in unison looking like they were about to wage war on a small country. these men carried guns and wore special gear this, therefore, made it clear that they were a squad dependent on technology.'okay move out', the leader commanded in a loud voice as they passed through the gate of trees that began the forest before the cottage. 'boss there's something wrong we are unable to teleport' one of them said on the headpiece they all had. 'it doesn't matter that was within the mission files did you not read through?' the leader asked not even knowing what to make of his subordinate 'uhh...' the underling was about to respond but his head was abruptly separated from his body. 'who are you all and why are you using accursed weapons within the spatial fortress?' the guard dressed in black leather attire asked coldly referring to the plasma guns which had the ability to tear through spatial forcefields, 'don't worry about who we are and worry about yourselves, i will give you a chance to drop your weapon and leave since you're not our target' the leader of the assassins said haughtily as he drew his handgun and cocked it 'i know you are elite guards but what is an elite guard without his spatial mandate?' the assassin leader finished his statement in a tone of mockery. 'ho you sure do know a lot for mere assassins' as the guard responded in a similar mocking voice, he unsheathed his second sword and two assassins who were right in front of him began firing their guns at him as he kicked their dead comrade towards them, the kick sent the body flying with a lot of kinetic force which made both assassins jump aside to dodge and at the same moment the guard appeared in front of the one on his right, and struck out the blade in his right hand as he cut through his neck like knife slicing through butter. 'for something like this i don't need to sully my mandate' said the guard now smirking but smack out of nowhere rocket launcher was fired at him as he turned trying to swing his sword at it realising it was a rocket his face changed but in the next second he was moved while the spot he was standing on became a messy ditch 'thank you joe' Fred said with a wide smile, 'can you be serious? third-degree burns are no joke you know' Joe replied sarcastically 'ok I get it' Fred stood up and stood behind the other four guards who seemed to have appeared out of nowhere. 'now i will only ask once, not that it matters but who sent you?' joe asked in a commanding voice as bloodlust swirled around him. 'hahaha you guys, do you not understand what situation you're in? at the moment the village security is under our control and we have made ample preparations, just like the elders say 'be wary of the guards'' the leader of the assassins shouted with a crazy light in his eyes suddenly as Joe still staring at him whipped out his sword out with his left hand and as he did a long sniper bullet fell in front of him it had been split in two by his sword. 'hm cheap military tricks will fall in the face of power' Joe said as he jetted towards the leader of the assassins and the other assassins began firing their guns at joe but the other four guards fanned out slicing through the other assassins. as Joe reached the leader he struck out with his sword but the leader blocked it with his adamantine brace which caused a repelling effect as he wished to put some distance between them and began firing at Joe while requesting reinforcements. as the guards fought they took the fact that protecting the cottage was their goal and priority. when it seemed like the guards had the advantage, a row of plasma military tanks were brought in firing at the guards, due to the restraint put on their mandates by the region they were being pushed back and the assassins gained the upper hand, the assassin leader did not stop there but also called in an air strike as 3 drones circled the cottage twice dropping plasma bombs and raising the forest into a big ball of scorching flames, even the guards who were at the gate of the cottage could clearly feel the raging heat. 'nooo young master' one of the female guards shouted out, her name was Jin and she was the youngest of the guards at the age of 13. she was also the only one who Tor ever really bothered to talk to, the other guards had a look of despair on their faces as they imagined the lord elders fury, they even contemplated jumping into the fire to avoid it.
after a few minutes of scorching fire, from within the flames two silhouettes emerged one was a 10-year-old boy and the other was his attendant 'don't worry jin we're all fine even though you didn't scream for us' the attendant said with a teasing smile 'but I would advise you all to retreat as far as possible, well... except for the assassins' he continued with the smile even getting more joyfully sinister, 'why' joe asked seriously since he could not allow the young master to just die and the attendant's mandate was also restricted so he definitely couldn't do much better alone. the attendant stared fixedly at joe with an even wider smile ' tor is angry'.

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