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in a large dimly lit room sat 15 people around a table, four females and eleven males, these were the 15 most powerful families from the various sectors of the spatial fortress and considered its pillars but there was a 16th seat which looked like the master seat amongst them and it was currently empty. 'where is that youngster Ter, he dares to call a meeting and not come early? what a fuvking Nigerian' said the extremely dark skinned mak as he frowned. 'yeah yeah mak we know you're over 300 years old, but I just wonder why you don't dare call the great elder 'youngster Ter' to his face' said a charming dark-skinned woman called Cana, in a chiding manner. 'huh, canna are you trying to start something because May is your student?' clay asked as if trying to instigate more trouble, 'hohoho I was merely asking a question no? well if you want to fight you can just go find 'youngster Ter'' canna answered sarcastically 'please can we not be so unsightly in front of the younger generation?' cliff a handsome looking elder said with a frown 'what's wrong with it? they need to know how council matters are handled since they will do it sooner or later,' said the other female elder in an uninterested tone and without being told one would never notice that there were hidden successors behind the elders except for the great elder's seat. 'May is not here either' Sarah continued in the same tone of voice, 'oh I heard she was handling diplomatic matters, she has grown up into such a fine woman' canna replied wanting to start fawning on her student even in her absence.
as the words left her mouth the doors to the great hall opened and the great elder walked in looking more stressed than usual, 'why did you waste our time so much great elder' mak asked unceremoniously 'do i have to explain to you why the butterfly flaps its wings or where rain comes from?' the great elder answered in the same tone of voice which Mak had used, 'touche' Craig a bearded burly elder said with a laugh. the great elder glared at mak who he knew was clearly trying to test his patience and ignored him. 'i apologise for calling you from your sectors out of the blue but i have an announcement to make' said the great elder in a straight to business manner. 'if it is that may has reached returning origin level of spatial magic we already know that' canna said cutting into the great elders speech 'no that's not it' he replied, 'then is it that..' she was about to continue before being cut off by the great elder 'canna can you not continue guessing?' the elder said impatiently 'i was just tryna help' canna said looking just like May when she throws tantrums, 'i bet she was teaching may much more than magic' the great elder shook his head as he continued 'i have decided to evict tor'.
the whole council room erupted with different opinions, there was cana's camp of the four female elders who felt tor should stay because he had not done any wrong and the village was wealthy and could accommodate him, there were a few in cliff's camp who felt the elder had made a reasonable choice since the 'Tor boy' had never contributed to the village and had no prospects in their minds because he had no talents and finally there were those in mak's camp that felt they could not let him down the mountain but instead should convert him to be a slave as he would be useful in that manner. as they were all trying to make their points and shouting cusses across the table from each other, the great elder said in his usual tone, 'silence! do you know why he never practices with the clan?' as the word silence left his mouth a certain pressure pervaded the environment and the room became so silent that if a pin dropped it would have sounded like a bang. 'isn't that because he's a little piece of shit with no talent?' one of the elders in maks camp gathered his courage and answered as most of the other elders broke out in laughter, 'fine then, he will be leaving tomorrow and i invite you to stop him' the great elder said with a sinister smile as a few elders felt a chill creep up their spines and they stared at the great elder. 'this is a democracy 'elder' you cannot just suppress the rules with your power' mak raised a complaint as he looked at the great elder in defiance. 'who said i was going to do anything?' the great elder asked mak calmly as he removed his hand from his sword hilt 'gentlemen I bid you goodnight' the great elder said casually as he vanished from the council hall. 'this is why i said the council is sexist' canna whispered to one of the female elders who giggled.

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