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The spatial fortress, as the village was called was an extremely befitting name as it was a massive fortress suspended atop a mountain, overlooking everything and isolated from most things of the outside world to prevent its people causing unnecessary trouble and also to avoid outsiders from entering as they please. The villagers were quite a haughty breed of people to say the least.
The surrounding villages possessed a few notable mantles but they did not dare compete with The Spatial Fortress because they were quite clear on who the king of the mountain was.
The attendant turned to Macha and asked, "where do you think the Lord has gone?". Macha looked at him with an obvious frown and stated quite simply, "To see Tor I suppose". The attendant continued to probe, "Why doesn't he ever summon Tor to the great chamber?". "It is not for you to ponder on attendant, and also since he is only ten years of age and weak by our standards, he would not be able to make it up here." Macha clearly responded with distaste in his mouth trying to end the conversation with the attendant. The attendant snickered and said, " I knew you were thinking it too."
the great elder appeared on a path leading to a cottage towards the lower ends of the mountain although it was not large but the surrounding land was massive with trees all around and as the lord stepped past the first tree that was on the path to the cottage a row of guards drop from the large trees all dressed in black armour and masks 'oh so you guys were here' the lord who looked about 30 with a traditional attire on and his large crown tilted on his head as his hand was on the hilt of his sword and casual slippers on looking as calm as he always did. 'apologies lord for some reason this region nullifies our mantle and that young lord has ban carriages since he lives here' the Lord sighed and shook his head 'why doesn't he ever make things easy?' as he was complaining, he stretched his left hand backwards as a vortex opened up and a girl of about twenty was pulled out and hanging in his grasp. 'May where do you think you're going? what are you doing here, when you are meant to be taking care of diplomatic matters?' the great elder asked in succession 'hohoho if it is not the scariest papa alive,' may who was caught in her father's suspended grasp replied. 'scariest papa?' the elder looked a bit dejected 'that's not the point haven't I told you to stop babying tor?' he continued, ignoring her mischievous look. 'well there was time between the meetings so i came to play a round of Fortnite with tor and thought id sneak away without anyone knowing but it seems you're still as powerful as ever, so why not let this lowly ignorant one go so I can perform my duties lord papa?' May responded in a fawning manner as the lord shook his head and watched his young daughter who was in charge of PR and diplomacy of the fortress and therefore their world representative since those from the fortress hardly mingled with those outside. 'ill let you go if you answer one question or else you're going into the seal for a bit' the Lord says with a sinister smile 'anything for you papa' may answered with a nervous smile because she knew that smile all too well, 'how are you able to blink in and out when the rest of us can't' he asked in a half-serious tone 'why don't you ask tor that question he's the owner of the place' she said with an honest look on her face. 'fine' the lord sayed and let go of her as her feet touched the ground, she looked at him with a frown 'its so weird that you can catch me in the middle of a blink, thats not normal' she puffed her cheeks up glaring at him 'i guess thats why im still the great elder' the lord replied with a laugh that made may roll her eyes at him and vanish. 'whatever i wont have to keep walking like this forever' the great elder said to empty space after may blinked and then began the long silent walk down while the guards went back to their posts silently like they were never there.
the great elder read the sign on the house with a reminiscent smile also thinking about the ones who built this very cottage for tor and wondering what mysteries it truly held. one thing he knew for certain was that the ten year old tor was its greatest mystery. He had learnt every form of magic the elder knew at the age of seven and the motivation for that were the technological presents which he the great elder always promised as motivation for tor to learn new magic. according to the great elders assessment currently Tor was without a doubt the most powerful in the region at the age of 10, that was something he was secretly proud of. the elder pushed the door open and thought to himself 'still the most unmotivated though', as he walked in only to see the servants reading manga and watching Tor play games, he couldn't really admonish them because other than keeping Tor company they really did not have any use since as his name implied there was nothing he couldn't do. 'oh uncle Ter you made it here faster than I thought, as expected of you uncle Ter you are truly the most powerful' he said with a cheerful smile and turned his face away from the screen to look at the great elder. the great elder smiled wryly and asked 'why don't you just let me teleport in you brat' 'hahaha wheres the fun in that?' the great elder shook his head and chuckled. clearly, although there were servants in the room none of them heard the exchange because there was only sound transmission. 'can you all excuse us, the great elder would like a word in private.' Tor said standing up and before he stood up completely the room was empty. 'hello Tor' the great elder said as slightly taps his fist on his chest as salutation to the ten-year-old boy. 'uncle you know formality is bad for the health' 'hahaha true, but for the purposes of this conversation i need to be formal' the great elder said in a matter of fact voice. 'ho, so should I be formal too?' tor asked with a slight smile as he adjusted his position on his seat. 'no you don't need to be unless it is your wish' ter replied somewhat uninterested in what Tor would do. 'go on' Tor said as he seemed to quickly be losing interest in the conversation. 'it is clear that you are interested in going outside to see the world, you were entrusted to me to teach you all I could within a hundred years but you did it within 5, I honestly have nothing left to teach and as thus before you can rule you must gain experience so you would decide what kind of ruler u wish to be, one who wishes to protect? or one who wishes to destroy.' the great elder finished his monologue in an even voice not rushing a word. 'i understand that you are talking about my power but what does that have to do with ruling? I'm not even from one of the ruling families' Tor replied in a less interesting tone. 'one day when you are ready and have made your decision i will tell you what i know about your true origins, till then don't forget to keep those on' the great elder said glancing t the bracelets on Tor's arms and legs which were made of moonsilver and decorated with peculiar runes, though the runes were not in spatial fortress characters or any identifiable. 'why would i take them off they are things you gifted me... and people are already wary of me as it is' he added the latter in a low voice, 'what was that?' the great elder asked with surprise and anxiousness mixed 'nothing hohoho would you like a round of naruto uncle Ter?' tor asked with a mischievous smile 'no i could never beat you at that and also this brings me to the point of my visit' the great elder responded not looking to indulge tor 'what is it?' tor asks flopping into the cushion 'as i was saying earlier in order to know your true nature you have to explore the world and in doing so you would understand who you truly are. in simpler terms you are being given a learning eviction Tor' the great elder stated as if making a judgement mischief evident on his face 'is that even a thing?' tor glared at the great elder 'it is now hohoho' the great elder said with a mocking laugh. the great elder seems to be enjoying having one over him. 'but elder before people can leave the mountain it must be to further their knowledge out of what the clan can offer, who would believe that a 10-year-old has that ability and I don't want to do troublesome things like taking a test' tor responded meekly trying to turn the tables on the great elder. 'don't worry I am the great elder I will talk with the council, on the condition that you enrol at one of the eight great institutes of magic in three years' 'ugh school? like harry potter's hogwarts? disgusting' he looked at the great elder's handsome face that seemed like it would burst from laughter, 'well I just hope you could learn that there is a sky above a sky' the great elder said trying to keep his face straight but his voice gave his laughter away. 'sigh it would be better if you asked me to go destroy the eight magic institutes' both uncle and nephew take a pause and 'hohohoho' Tor laughed mischievously while the great elder laughed nervously and sarcastically 'i just hope I don't regret letting you do this' the great elder sighed, as he answered tors suggestion. 'when have you ever regretted something uncle Ter' Tor commented in a matter of fact way but sounded sarcastic. the great elder shook his head and began walking away and as Tor wanted to send him off, 'don't waste your energy keep it for tomorrow' he said mischievously as he stepped out of the cottage he looked up at the sky looking at the setting sun which distorts at intervals from the spatial rift around the region still unable to understand how this particular place can be here yet in another dimension 'unfathomable' he shook his head slightly and sighed at the mental agony of the walk back, but was quickly consoled with the fact that he had set up 'fun' events that will occur the next day

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