"Where is Tor?" The Great Elder asked with a serious look as he sat upon the well cushioned throne within the large chamber. The attendant's eyes did not dare meet his as his head was slightly bowed.
The stationed guards made not a sound and nothing could be heard except the elder's light taps on the arm rest which for some reason echoed through the room. "He…he.. is in his chamber, playing video games lord". The attendant answered nervously as he knew how much the great elder hated Tor's sudden interest in the outer world.
His excuse in the beginning was for him to learn about technology and advancement in other dimensions but then the demands began to get out of control for frivolous things like movies, video games, drones you name it. The attendants and guards did not mind because it motivated the recent development in this remote, but powerful village.
"Sh..should i go and summon him to see you, Lord?". The attendant asked even more nervously feeling the elder's temper at it's boiling point.
The Elder stood slowly and asked in a lower and more serious tone. "do you know why Tor does not practice or compete in any of the village events?". The attendant did not dare raise his head and stayed silent for a while before daring to answer, feeling an oppressive aura coming from The Elder even though he knew none was being purposely exerted by the elder. "This attendant would not dare presume since I am but a servant". He answered.
The Great Elder frowned slightly and he continued to ask, "WELL?" his voice reverberated through the great chamber, clearly meaning that he was addressing everyone within. The Head of the Guards replied in a joking voice, "Well the people say it is because he is too weak, but in my opinion my Lord, he is still young and you need not be worried for he can grow stronger if he only practices. He should not feel bad because of the geniuses around and focus on what he can do."
The Great Elder looked at the Guard Captain who had served him even before he had ascended The Seat of the Elder. The man did not look a day over 30 but was in fact over a hundred years old and was as powerful as they come. Dressed in his leather armour and adamantine vital guards, he wore two swords of equal length on his waist, a large and heavy shield on his back and his helmet in his hand. He stood not too far from the Elder's attendant. His Lord slowly shook his head and he said in a low voice, "Then you know nothing Macha."
The Great Elder suddenly vanished from sight, it would have come as a surprise to outsiders but in The Spatial Fortress, it was the power of their ancestral magic that was inherent to the descendants of the village. One out of five children inherits The Spatial Mantle of Full Teleportation which meant they could teleport anywhere in a space, while the other four would get Bare Teleportation which meant they would only be able to teleport to regions they can see. This power was still very handy in battle coupled with amazing battle skills the people of The Spatial Fortress were known for.
There were only a few who were capable of bearing the Second Mantle of Time added within the last thirty years, but since they could only pause it for a short period, it was considered a new evolution of The Spatial Mantle and only ten had been recorded so far.
These ten occurrences had come from ten of the fifteen most powerful pureblood sectors of The Spatial Fortress. With the fifteen sectors making up the ruling class of the village, this sector was The Great Elder's seat and therefore the village capital of the greatest mantle in the country.

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