The constant nature of the universe is change. There existed a previous universe, where life flourished at its merry rate, the inhabitants of this universe were divided into four divisions,each which claimed to be more powerful than the other. There were Zumans, who were fierce and ruthless warriors, famed to be disciplined and stuck to their ideals, never lied and were trustworthy,however their hunger for war and bloodshed was always insatiable. Then there were the Croasans who were well known for their magical powers and strategies during war. The third group were the Satians, who were skilled in the art of creation and construction, they were highly learned individuals who had learned how to tame the previously untamable forces of nature.Lastly were the peace loving Jumants who had inborn capabilities for healing , spiritual powers and prophecies they were kind and were always eager to help. The Zumans,Croasans and Satians who wanted their identities to be recognised fought a bitter war amongst themselves, despite the discontentment expressed by the Jumants. The war had led to a lot of blood shed and destruction. It was even rumored that the incorrigible Zumans had also used unfair means to gain advantages over its rivals. After the war the leaders of each group held a meeting in an attempt the undo the damage that had been done. Reconstruction promised to be long and difficult. However in due time the order was restored. But it wasn't long before another great danger was about the threaten this stability. Centuries later after the order was restored, the universe saw the emergence of new groups and individuals, the high homogenity of the four groups no longer remained as its beings intermingled with each other, the pure beings now became rare. With this increasing change in the groups the basic nature and the powers of the progeny had too changed at rapid rates. Then came a time when a new evil had risen, a group consisting of various other groups,who united called themselves the Trimurates had begun to take the path violence and destruction in order to fulfil their own greeds. Alarmed by this another group came into being, they called themselves the Vastutah. Over the next thousand years the two groups engaged in various conflicts to establish their dominance and tried to incorporate more groups into their order. The mass scale of destruction had caused strange happenings in the universe, until one day all matter was sucked into a small sphere. This small sphere was surrounded by anti-matter. But even this stability could not stay for long , one day the sphere exploded , matter annihilated the antimatter and formed the present known universe. However the impact was such that universe no longer existed in only one state, it had been divided between various dimensions. The Vastutah elements and the Trimurate elements had been seperated from each other by various dimensions in between.No single particles existed in one dimension and it was all scattered. Life began to flourish again, the groups grew on with time. In one of these dimension is where Humans live today, and are unaware of the previous rivalaries and powers that raged before their existence. 

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Ayush Author 3 months ago

Hello guys! Hope you enjoy the prologue! I would like your views regarding whether I should continue this plot as I have imagined or not. Your suggestions and comments can help me to improve my self. Thank You!