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Pylo was having wonderful dreams and if anyone asked she was snoring peacefully and adorably.

“▁ ⎌█ ◍◴⇝ ◴⎌ ▁▁▁▂▟█”

However Tunie was calling...

Why was Tunie calling on the aether like that? Oh well it was always nice to wake up to Tunie’s voice.

“Mrh? Yes dearest?”

“▁▂▅ ▁▂▅ ◍◴⇝ ◴⎌?”


Pylo huffed and pushed herself against the acceleration, then slipped when it continued and flopped back into the onrushing surface. Bloody stupid bulkheads always shoving up like that.

This must be a prank, but might as well play along.

“How could I not be aboard if we are under burn like this?”

“▁▂▅ ↹◍↹ ▅▂▁ ◴ ⇝ ⎌?”

Oh right, the stupid scummy terrans and their stupid world.

“Right... okay, I’ll be out in uh... gurlæru?”


“Okay fine more like gurælu... That’s not a problem is it?”

“ ↺↹▞▂ ▂▟█”

“I’m sorry about that, but they let me mix my own drinks and left me alone with the bar!”


“But no one’s shooting at us right? I was good and peaceful and drank myself into a stupor eh?”


“Fine I’m sorry... but just give me a bit longer to unwedge myself from this closet they call a bar. I think I must have turned over in my sleep or something because there is a lot more of me in here then I remember being there when I started drinking”


“Yeah Fine, I’ll make sure I take the drink to go next time we have to dock somewhere needing a constant thrust. I’m sorry”

Richard was nowhere to be seen, but there was something written on some flat white bit of mulched something or other.

Pity that no one with a brain that understood it was there to explain what it meant. But Pylo snatched it up and stuffed it into her scarf. She could try and figure it out later.

The more difficult conundrum was extracting herself from the bar without breaking all of it. It would have been easy, Pylo was the epitome of grace.

But not with a ‘floor’ constantly rushing up to meet her like that. And the other surfaces providing poor anchors to push off from.

Maybe she should have told Tunie it would take longer.

And how exactly did she get her aft limbs tied around like that?

Oh bother now she was in a knot.

“Um, Hmmm...”

There was no squawker box. So calling for help would be tricky. Although she could just make a bunch of noise but the might not get the right result.

Shift, twist, roll, twist, unhook that vertebrae of one aft limb out of the crook of another. Flop into the floor again.

Everything shook like someone had hit the heavy burn.

But no that was just Pylo, graceful daughter and delicate flower. Crashing into something like a dumb lump.

Her mother would be so ashamed of her.

“Uh... Oh your up! We were worried when you passed out, but since you were breathing Wenty figured you were fine.”

Richard! Oh sweet richard and fair maiden, rescuer of other fine and fairer maidens!

She tried to talk, but on reaching out could not find the squawker box anywhere. Which was troublesome as there had been very strict and clear regulations and fines mentioned on the matter of her speaking ‘directly’ to anyone on terra.

She pushed air back and forth through her throat instead trying to get the right sound. But it didn't seem she was getting anything across.

“Huh? Oh... Right! The Translator... Uh... one sec let me see if I can find it.. uh hold still I think it might have fallen under you somewhere”

Oh. That was not good.

Feeling around she could not find anything that felt like an INTACT squawker box. But there was something sticky, and crumpled up against the side that was rushing up at her.

She sighed heavily and tried to move so that he could look around her ventrals.

“Ah dang it, visitor... I think you squashed it. Well it was port authority issued to you so whatever. So uh, I guess you can’t talk?”

Pylo heaved a heavy sigh and started scooching and twisted and trying to get a decent grip on the outside of the bar.

“Right I guess you can’t answer”

She pulled her head and face around to frown at him then nodded in one sharp head motion.

“Oh! I guess you're stuck then?”

Head nod.

“And I’m guessing... you need to get going on?”

Head nod.

“And your stuck?”

Heavy sigh and face meets counter.

“Yeah... Uh let me see if I can help you out, but if you can’t get out on your own power I’m gonna need to call in some extra hands. Do you think you can get out on your own if I spot for you?”

Face nodding into counter.

“Right okay, so for one I think your caught on some pipes over here...”

She made a huffing sound.

“And uh... your knee is kinda twisted up in your tail here”

Shifting. Something fell off the counter.

“Right, okay uh, so that bit uh... I don’t know what its called the part where your uh... spine gets not as tall? Uh on all your legs? Um so there is one that is caught on a bit over there”

This was humiliating. This hasn't happened since pylo was an infant.

“Okay, now just um... Scoot back out and keep your shoulders from... No hold it your about to get stuck on... Okay turn... There now just back up and your free!”

Great salvation and wonders Richard was the best service woman ever.

She offered a bright smile and bobbed her head a little bit.

“Yeah... uh do you need directions to the airlock or anything? I could call someone from overlook to help”

A quick head shake.

“Well if your sure, nothing’s hurt or anything right? You know the way back to the port?”

A quick head shake, then a nod at the last question. Pylo flashed her teeth again to Richard.

“Well it was fun serving you and I’ll make sure to bill the port authority extra for damages and drunken alien extraction”

A heavy chuffing of laughter for Richard’s benefit and then Pylo turned off to proudly and gracefully head to the Port.

“Uh other way miss alien trader”

Ahem, turning back the other way!

She meant to do that just so richard felt useful!

Because richard was nice and Pylo likes to make service people feel better.

No Pylo was an independent and self made hauler. Didn't need any help finding her ship.

Graceful and swift as-


Ouch! Stupid world leaping up at her like that.

“Are you sure your okay?”

Phalange wave of assurance as she started a roiling sort of dragging percussive slapping across the passage. Those weirdly braced terrans bouncing along out of the way ahead of her.

Ugh why did they live here?

It was just so inconvenient.

Seriously these toothscum people.

She pulled herself along substantially less gracefully then she would like. Heaving and galumpfing down the hallway towards the blessed free openness of vacuum and aether.

“ ↺↹ ? “

“I was a little tied up... but I’ll be there soon. And don’t you start! That bar was really cramped and this stupid world is always throwing itself up at me!”


“Laugh it up you giant fluff ball I still remember when you forgot that you were drinking and started an acceleration burn. There were fires! In Vaccum!”


“It wasn't that long ago!”


“Time dilation does not count!”

She had the best Ship! Willing to banter so friendly like that to help get herself thinking.

And here was the stupid sealing up door they used to keep all the muggy nitrogen inside.


But finally she could get herself cleared out!

The quick chill of sizzling water off of her crevices and tongue was the best. Followed close second by the smothering nitrogen draining out of all the frustrating little creases it had snuck into.

Truly one of the most wonderful ways to freshen up after a bender!

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