Shin-Ye-Sun, was just an ordinary schoolgirl, who had seen the worst thing any child could see death, as the killer closed in on her mother. Her mother said run Shin-Ye-Sun as she fought against the killer in vain, as his strength was too much for her he grappled with his strength and stabbed her with the hunters knife bludgeoning her body. She tried to hold him off but she was felt weak and in pain as she cried run, Shin-Ye-Sun, the killer then caressed the knife into her heart as she fell to the ground.

Then he made his way to the child, she was running now for her life. Their was nowhere else to go her mother had died in front of her very eyes, she moved with all her energy. The killer was only a few meters away as a bold headed man approached her he came out of the shadows and strangled her from behind, as the man then disposed of her in his car he made his way to the docks to hide the body. 

Moving in closer as he got in towards the ocean he dumped her into the ocean, all her memories and past life had come to an end. 

Elemental One
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