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If you still writing your book it's possible to set montlhy subscriptions. Subscribed readers will have access to all locked chapters. After one month reader will need to resubscribe again.

It's not always good idea to put your work under a paywall, it's very easy way to loose your readers,You can set timer for each chapter and grant early access to new chapters to all subscribers. Set date and time on when chapter will become free for everyone. (Example: set timer for one week, all those who can't wait can subscribe other people will need to wait 1 week to read this chapter for free)

Set duration - monthly/unlimited.

  • Monthly - your readers will need to resubscribe every month.
  • Unlimited - your readers will need to buy subscriptions once. This option will be good for those who want to sell complete work.

Choose which chapter is "Paid" and which is "Free".

  1. Go "My Works"
  2. Choose Book - click on any of the first three round buttons and choose Paid Access in the tab.
  3. Click Send Request
  4. Choose Subscriptions
    1. Set Price
    2. Choose Duration
    3. Click Send
    4. Wait for up to 24h for moderation;
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