I stood there a little awkward, but I was soon introduced to everyone,

"This is Oliver," Jack began, I smiled and waved a little, realizing how I was just another peasant probably to them all, but oh well, 

"Oliver, this is Daniel," he continued, he responded with a small hi and a nod,"That's Carol," the two were holding hands, both their hair brown and their smiles looked warm, it was clear they were dating, and loved each other a lot.

"Then that's Isaac and Beth." They looked similar to the other two, holding hands, outfits looking as if it was planned beforehand, their eyes and hair contrasted though. Isaac had a light brown, almost dirty blond, and Beth's hair was a dark black. 

I continued to just stand there a little awkwardly, but Jack came to my rescue and pulled me to him and alongside him as we all headed out to his backyard, his hand on the lower part of my back slightly pushing me to walk faster. Not rudely, but kind of cutely.

I heard the others whispering between themselves as they followed, something about a secret. 

Anyway, we all sat underneath a canopy , everyone was with designated "significant other" except my neighbor and I sat virtually on each other as we shared a medium length log which must of been cut from a tree at some point. It was surprisingly comfy to sit on.

Everyone else sat where they liked, mainly on their own actual seats but for some odd reason we still sat on the log,

"So Jack," one of the girls started, I think her name was Carol, "How'd you two meet?" She giggled a little at the end of her sentence, making both of us glow a little red, and Beth then giggled as well, chiming in an aw .

"It's not that interesting, he's just my neighbor." he said, it sort of hurt actually, I considered us friends, not just neighbors. This caused me to slightly adjust myself, moving about an inch away from him in somewhat disgust and betrayal. 

It was at this time I made sure  I messaged my mum where I was and said I'd be home shortly, but then I looked up and saw everyone was staring at me.

"Um, Hello?" Jack said, knocking my head lightly, "Was you even listening?" He sounded hurt, which made me feel bad,

"Sorry, had to text my mum. You was saying?" I sort of lied, I didn't have to message her, I just wanted to.

"He asked you out on a date." Carol quickly said, to my surprise.

"What?" we both said at the same time, I was confused and flustered, he was just flustered. 

"Relax. He just said about how he saw you sat innocent and coldly outside so he let you in and cooked for you. Lucky bastard, I wish my man would cook for me." And with that she jabbed Daniel.

The short period of awkwardness was cut short by Jack as he began a new conversation which I more listened in to, still slightly offended but curious as to his motives.

As the night progressed the other couples left, leaving it just me and Jack sat on the same piece of wood still. I eventually forgave his remark as he later confirmed we was more than neighbors and friends, which is what I wanted. We sat in silence for a minute or two.

"You know, I never thought I'd get to say it but another guy has sat on my wood without me feeling awkward." he said, I instantly got the innuendo and sighed and blushed at his remark, all the while checking out his body, thinking of what was underneath the clothes.

"Take a picture if you must," he started, drawing my eyes attention, "It'll last longer." he finished, with a cheeky grin and wink. This sudden flirtatious talk actually captivated me.

I saw the time and we headed to his front door. Despite this was our first day actually talking to each other, I felt somewhat close to him after the ice had broke, he was cool. I sure liked him.

He opened the door to an incline, before stopping,

"Hey, Oliver," He paused, a serious tone in his voice, but his boyish eyes spoke something more sincere, "if you want, you can come around tomorrow." 

He lightly blushed as he invited me round, I guess I did too. 

"Sure thing," I smirked, happy I made a new friend, "Do you mind if I get that picture?" I tormented, making him blush more. My comment was unnecessary and out of place, and I did actually mean it somewhat, I know I'd love to enjoy the image later that night.

He didn't say anything, and neither did I, we stared in each other's eyes and he closed the door slowly, and we stepped towards each other more. 

His eyes were like a seal's, the closer I got more of the white came into my sight and it was like he was going to bite my head off, but instead his eyes focussed and that's when I realised he was practically holding me in his arms, and my arms were around his sides, this new friendship I had was nice, I liked this, but my opinion so changed when our lips met and we kissed gently, he brushed his hand up slowly and he held my right cheek bone, stroking the skin ever so softly. I didn't just like him now. I liked him a lot.

We broke it off, and he opened the door and I stepped out slowly, he waved goodbye, and stood up straight, he looked amazed and I felt the same, awkward, aroused, and amazed. But then I remembered we just met. What was I getting myself into.


The next morning, I woke up to a text from Jack, thinking of the kiss I hastily replied. We didn't talk about the kiss but instead about school and how we both were excited for the Summer.

A couple of hours later I was sat outside the school building on a bench sort of far from where we usually sat. With about 6 weeks left, now was the time it all was sinking in my friends and people I thought I liked may not even want to be apart of my lives. I didn't want to ruin anything, nor get in people's way. I knew people were already feeling sappy and discussing their plans for the future. The truth is, I hadn't told many people. 

About two people knew, a boy and a girl. The boy found out by him coming to my old house one day asking if I wanted to play basketball, and me and my mother were talking about my plans. I answered the door to the surprise of seeing him as he didn't live in the area, and I was in just my shorts holding an application form. 

This got us talking about college when we were playing basketball, and him actually becoming a good friend.

The girl knew because I accidentally let her see a few booklets in my bag. I hated her enough so when she started asking about my choices I threatened her so she would shut up. She came to understand I wanted out of the town and that by not having people know would be route out.

I felt guilty. I threatened the girl who possibly admired me the most into submission and secrecy, by blackmailing, and simply told the guy that if he told people I'd probably kill myself as I don't want to be followed or remembered. 

Sounds crazy considering I only wanted to join the Air Force.

While thinking about everything, as people began to filter through the school gates my eyes landed on my man crush. That was enough trauma as it was. An entire year of trying to get him to like me slightly as a friend and I'm sure he barely would even remember my name in a year's time. Hell, maybe even a month.

A few people gave me looks as I wasn't sat where I was meant to be sitting, but instead of challenging me they went to where I was supposed to be sitting, making the two groups switch almost. This caused problems as my "friends" arrived and as the other's did too. We didn't switch as we had seniority and for some reason we wanted to show off the fact we could go where we like despite our time at school was ending.

I listened in the conversations as people were either revising or having idle chit chat. I just eyed my man-crush and his perfect... everything. It did make me wonder, if he knew I was coming onto him or not. Oh well. 6 weeks left. Might as well accept my fate with him and move on.

My phone vibrated in my pocket, and I pulled it out looking at the message Jack sent me. it was a semi long paragraph of how he was hating his time at school and how he wanted to ring me instead of talking to his friends. I shrugged both physically and mentally, and told him sure. we had about 15 minutes until school started, so why not.

He rang almost instantly, not giving me time to even get ready to get up, so I answered and began talking. A few people looked at me, including my little man crush, people were surprised I was talking. 

"Hello." I greeted. I felt the eyes on me, and I was still tired so I decided not to stand up as initially thought to do so

"Hey-o." he responded, he sounded happy. Whether or not that was because he had rang me or not I don't know, but still.

"Someone's in a happy mood." I responded eagerly, most of the people at the table I was at had gone a little more quiet respectfully and also probably to eavesdrop, but most just went back to their discussions.

"Oh please, we both know why I'm happy." with that I blushed a little, and those looking at me seemed to not notice, or to not care.

"Now, now, I've not got up to leave my friends." I said, purposefully so he would know that I couldn't talk about certain things such as the kiss we had, it was more of a mental conversation block as I didn't want to talk about it.

"What's wrong?" I heard the torment and cheekiness in his voice, "don't want to tell them about the kiss and hot sex we had last night?" I knew the others could hear him slightly, which made me blush even more as suddenly I had more eyes on me again.

"You're a son of a bitch, you know that." I said into the phone, dismissing people's glares. I heard him laughing down the other end of the line,

"Deserves you right for not moving." he responded, I did partially agree with him there as it was karma sort of, I don't know, maybe playing it off as if he was telling the truth would benefit me.

"So when's round 2?" I teased back, knowing people would either laugh at me or feel disgusted or both, it was all apart of my plan of them leaving me though. Except the only person who got up was the girl who I swore had a crush on me.

"Oops I think I disgusted someone." I said into the phone, "Guys he's kidding the only sex I've had is with that one guy we don't talk about." I said to the others just to ease them all after feeling a bit pained of disturbing a potentially depressed girl.

"Any-who, you still coming round tonight?" Jack asked, and I gave it some quick thought, but nodded before finally speaking,

"Yeah why wouldn't I, you owe me a picture." I said, playing on the words he said yesterday to me.

"Oh my God, just shut up you fucking queer." I heard someone say quite loud, smashing their fists on the table also creating a loud thud, and to my surprise it was my man-crush. This made me pause for a second and I heard a few gasps, one even coming from Jack.

"I'm gonna go..." Jack said, a little offense could be heard in his voice but I mentally noted that.

"Yeah. alright. See you later." I said, putting the phone down, and standing up. I looked at the boy I much dreamed of for the last year, in pure disgust. Usually when someone said something homophobic it was a joke and I could handle it, even though sometimes it wasn't a joke, but I still got ver it. But this was different. this was my crush saying it.

I felt a lot of anger. And a lot of pain. And Distrust. I noticed some of the other boys stood up ready to stop anything that got out of hand. I clenched my mouth shut and stood absolutely straight, which made me actually grow about an inch or two even more over his short body. 

This sent tension through the entire table, as I simply fixed my collar, and picked up my bag, and walking away in the most upper-classed walk I think I had ever done. I didn't look back or respond to the odd call of my name, and I soon heard a lot of stuff being said to my crush, mainly people calling him a dick and what not. 

I wouldn't say I was disliked as much as I usually made out, I was actually on OK terms with everyone, even if they disliked me for whatever reason, and people did, I guess, tend to look to me for advice as I was also President of the School Council, making me one of the most approachable guys by default.

Pissing me off usually was on the bottom of everyone's agenda. 

Not only that, my massive distrust in everyone seemed to shatter. I respected my man crush, even enough to not lash out.

I headed into the boys bathroom and look at myself in the mirror. Despite being slightly liked by most, and one of the most insensitive people in the school, I was on the verge of tears. 

I saw that a younger student was looking at me, he had a school council badge on his tie, and he looked at me. 

"Get out." I whispered slightly, looking at just myself in the mirror. He didn't move, probably scared to life. 

"GET. OUT!" I shouted, snapping my head towards him, which caused him to run out petrified. I walked up to the door and slammed it shut, locking it so it was just me in here.

I threw my belongings at the far wall and then punched it, my anger totaled over me for a change. The one person I valued above me in the entire school just... said that. I may be seen as a big baby acting out over this, but this was different. I collapsed slightly, and sat on the little indenture of the wall with my head in my hands, crying with rage, and sadness. 

I heard the door being unlocked but I didn't shift, two teachers came in, and they both just looked at me as my hand bled and I just sat crying. 

A site which no one had ever expected to see.

I shortly after was sent to Isolation, a place in the school where the bad kids would go to rethink their actions and cool down. I took out my phone and texted Jack explaining my little fit, I didn't get any response until lunch time, where I was allowed outside to socialize and get food as the staff thought I had cooled down. Apparently I missed a big school council meeting, something about a leaving ceremony and charity day, it wasn't that big of a deal. 

Not only that apparently I was somehow talk of the day as people in my classes discussed why I was absent. Some thought I was over acting, as so do I, but then the majority thought it was all my man-crushes fault.

Dam Taylor. 

Oh right, my crushes name was Taylor.

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