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My hair was a little a bit wet, as was his, and honestly I was a bit cold, despite how warm he was making me feel.

"Welcome, I guess." He said, looking at me as I looked around, he slid his shoes off, and I followed suit. 

"Thank you, I guess." I responded, not exactly sure how we was going to talk, I was too mesmerized by the way he looked, sounded, even by how he smelt- I wonder what cologne he wears.

He led me to his living room,

"Just dump your stuff over there if you like it's cool. Similarly, would you like a drink of tea or coffee or water or juice?" he quizzed, I looked at him and thought of the options,

"Just whatever you're having." I spoke up, as he left to the kitchen which was joint onto the living room, but separated by a counter. I looked around the living room a bit, and into the kitchen, taking in all the details of the pictures, which many seemed to be of him.

"So what's your name, neighbor?" he asked, walking up to me with two teas, handing me one carefully. I took a swig, then finally replied,

"It's Oliver. What about yourself, neighbor?" I pursued, he chuckled a little as I empathized on 'neighbor'. 

"The names Jack." he said, gave a simple smile and then he continued, "Why was you locked out then, Oliver?" 

"Well my mum took a trip into the City, and didn't tell me until I was basically around the corner, so I sort of got stuck." I was honest, seeing no harm in it.

"Ah, that blows. Anyway, you want a quick meal given that it's 5:30pm?" he offered, I was surprised, he can cook! This is a man of dreams, sent by the Gods for my pleasure.

"I see no harm in it unless you're going to give me food poisioning." I replied and he laughed a little, but he went back into the kitchen and I followed him. He put a single large pizza into the oven, as well as a whole role of garlic bread.

I didn't object, I love both pizza and garlic bread, almost as much as this guys looks. 

"So how old are you, Oliver?" he asked. He surely asks a lot of questions.

"I am 16, yourself?" his eyes lit up,

"I'm also 16. I'm 17 in September." he smiled, and I chuckled a little, as did he, 

"I'm 17 in September too." 

"That's not creepy at all." he replied, then he continued "You play video games?" 

I gave him a look that said "You really asking that?", and he laughed at me. I laughed back, and finally spoke,

"Yes, Jack, I play video games."

We both headed up to his room, and a rush of heart beats hit me as I went up each step, as I realized I was about to be in the sexiest guy I knows bedroom.

He started up his Xbox One, and took out the disc from the console, and put in another. A shitty First Person Shooter came up on the screen, and the smell of food filled our nostrils about 10 minutes later of empty conversation about how the game he chose is bad.

He brought the pizza up, and the garlic bread, and we both sat  at his desk and ate. I was actually sat on the bottom of his bed, which was adjacent to his desk, and we continued our argument until we finished the meal.

His phone suddenly rang, and he answered his phone, taking one last bite of a piece of garlic bread. 

"Hello?.. Mhm... Mhm... Yep... Alright, see you in 10... Yep... Bye." He eventually put the phone down.

"That was a social call and a half." I sarcastically said, and he laughed a little, 

"Well Oliver, I guess you're going to meet some of my friends. 2 of them and their girlfriends are coming around, I completely forgot that they were. It's alright though, you can stay and we'll all just relax in here anyway." he said, he seemed collected, and I checked my phone to see if my mum had tried to ring me, which she hadn't, but instead left a message ago about 5 minutes before I checked it, which read 'I won't be back until 9, go to your granddads x'. 

I sighed in both relief and disappointment. On one hand I was spending time with this sexy bastard of a next door neighbor, but on the other, it wasn't going to be just the two of us in 10 minutes. 

"You alright?" Jack said, nodding towards my phone,

"Yeah, my mum won't be back until 9. Guess you have me until then." I replied, someone feeling intrusive.

"Don't stress it, I've seen you throughout the year when you've been locked out. I was going to invite you in but every time when I was about to you either walked away or was let in." he said, which warmed my heart. 

He's noticed me all year round. How cute.

We relaxed for a little bit longer, he successfully clutched on the game, winning the game round, when there was a knock on the door downstairs, and we both headed down.

Jack slid a little down the barrister, which somehow was adorable but cringe worthy to think that he even did it, but he then fixed his hair as some fell in front of his face, and he opened the door. 

In came four people, two boys, two girls, all joking and laughing.

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