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Alex watched String closely as she returned her spinning chain whip to her side, annoyance at her weapon and the light rain filling Alex.

‘Chain whip. She just had to have a chain whip.’ Alex let out an annoyed sigh, ‘I fucking hate these things.’

Alex’s eyes drifted from String and to her weapon, easily tracking what he knew was probably a blur to its user.

‘What other reason would you attach something as noticeable as a cloth to your dart?’

Alex allowed for his eyes to drift back to String’s face and began reading it. Though her eyes were covered by her shades, Alex figured through the way String’s mouth moved and twisted to the side that she was currently analyzing him like he was her.

‘Let’s see,’ Alex mused to himself, ‘Reasonable to assume that she is a good tactician and strategist. Most definitely a trained warrior, but lacking in actual combat experience. Mid-Ranged combatant but I do think its reasonable to assume that her weapon can probably fit both close-quarters and long-range needs. Gift will be problematic but nothing I can’t handle.’ Alex inclined his head upwards to the dark clouds overhead, ‘That lightning will definitely make this battle hell and the rain will probably get progressively worse as we fight.’

Alex looked back down and at String before using his right hand to zip his jacket up and put on his hood. Returning his hand to its position above his opposing shoulder, Alex took a deep breath and let it out.

‘I have the advantage in combat experience and reflexes. She has the advantage in range and power. We should be equal in speed and while I’m pretty sure I’m more intelligent you can never be too sure.’

With their comparative strength now gauged, Alex formed a plan of attack in his mind not too soon after and was just about ready to enact it when an interruption occurred.

“Hold up!” Norwe called out from all around, “I have something to tell you two.”

Alex felt terror well up within him as he felt the Maker manifest himself upon the back of String, the clouds parting around the two allowing for starlight to beam down on their small area. Outside of this illuminated area, the rain appeared to triple in speed.

‘Please don’t be here for what I think you’re here for.’ Alex mentally pleaded, watching as String’s mouth opened in surprise then twisted shut in anger came as Norwe the Sloth peeked his head over her shoulder with a lazy smile on his face.

“Guess why I’m here?!”

String grabbed the Sloth Maker by his head and flung him forward with an angry shout. String followed this up by swinging her weapon overhead and swiftly launching its weighted dart into the back of the falling Maker.

“DON’T TOUCH ME YOU PIECE OF SHIT!” String shouted as she returned her chain whip to its spinning position on the right side of her body.

Alex felt a wave of shock overcome him at String’s action which was quickly followed by a wave of grave fear. Looking up from the fallen Maker and to String with terror written all over his face, Alex shouted at String.

“What the fuck is wrong with you!?”


A bolt of red lightning shot down from the part of the sky still clouded and curved towards Norwe’s to strike him, leaving a small crater in the ground that had the skeleton of a sloth within its epicenter.

Alex thought little of the irregular lightning behavior, and instead began furiously tapping his nose before pinching his neck and shouting at String, “You must be as suicidal as Ashbrain!”

“Fuck off Alex! I don’t need shit from you of all people right now!” String shouted back, her stance becoming exceedingly hostile as she growled at him.

“Screw you Jojo rip-off!”

“Who the hell is Jojo!?”

Before another retort could leave either of them, Norwe’s skeleton began to speak.

“HEY!” Norwe’s skeleton shouted, “I love the Herah and Alex dynamic you two got going on right now, buuuut I did come here to say something and I need you to listen.”

“FUCK YOU NORWE!” String shouted causing Alex to groan at her stupidity, “I don’t want to hear shit else from you unless it’s the words “I’m leaving you the fuck alone.”””

Bound Star.

Alex flinched and felt his breath quicken as Norwe’s calmly spoken words and Presence weighed upon both himself and String, the Keijo in question taking the weighing much worse than the human. Immediately following Norwe’s words, she had dropped her weapon and fallen to her knees with her breath now coming in raggedly as her body seemed to become choked of air.

After a few moments of relative silence, the only sounds heard being the distant clashes of Moon and Herah and the heavy breathing of the two leaders, Norwe lessened his Presence to its normal level and began to speak once again.

“I really do love your willingness to defy me, it honestly fills me with such joy. Especially since my good ol’ Soothsayer seems incapable of such actions.”

Even with the very clear insult towards him, Alex found himself incapable of directing any emotion that wasn’t fear or a close relative to it towards the Maker. After another small pause, Norwe’s skeleton opened its mouth and let out what sounded like a disappointed sigh.

“Anyway, as much as I love your hate boner for me, I came here to give you a bit more incentive in your battle with each other.” Norwe moved one of his skeletal limbs to point towards himself, “It is for my entertainment after all.”

Alex felt his fear increase at his Maker’s words, his immediate thoughts being that he would be forced under the same conditions that Max, Herah, and Moon had been when they fought each other.

“What? Are you going to threaten to erase someone we both care about if we don’t reach an arbitrary number on some bullshit measuring stick that quantifies your satisfaction with us!?”  String said while still on her knees, a strong bite to her words.

Still tapping his nose and pinching at his neck, Alex briefly wondered if Norwe would think it funny if he just said that String smelled like she was rotting. Norwe’s skeleton chuckled and said,

“I would think it hilarious, Soothsayer.” Norwe said with a jolly tone before suddenly whipping his skull towards Alex and changing his voice so that it maintained its jolliness but became more threating , “I would also fell cheated of a great fight.”

Alex found that train of thought quickly abandoned.

“And to answer your question String,” Norwe swiveled his skull towards her, “That is not what I was going to say. Good guess though.”

Alex’s eyes widened in surprise before he paused in his tapping and pinching.


Norwe’s skeleton began to chuckle, a disturbing clacking sound filling the area as he opened his jaw and his top row of teeth began hopping out and smacking into his bottom teeth before returning to their original positions and repeating this.

“I’d have no reason to do that for you two, since you both already want each other dead and will do your best to entertain me during your fight.”

“Then, if I may ask, why would we need more incentive for our fight?” Alex asked, his mind racing to find an answer.

“Simply because I feel like it.”

Alex lowered both of his hands to his side and began to say something before deciding against it and just shaking his head.

“So would you mind just telling us what it is you have to incentivize us and piss off already.”

Alex gave String a death glare which she returned in kind, if the way her lips drew tightly together were any indication.

“Well I have two prizes for whichever of you win your fight.”

“And what would that be?” String asked while scrying the ground around her for (if Alex’s guess was correct) her chain whip.

“Well if you win Bound Star, I’ll not only give you back all the Oni that you lost in this battle and Max’s bombing but I’ll return to you your father and grandfather.”

String paused in her searching to look at Norwe’s skeleton in a brief moment of surprise before her lips stretched out into a frown.

“Are you- Are you being serious?” String asked, shifting uncomfortably as she spoke.

“I’m nothing if not a Maker of my word.” Norwe replied, sounding rather pleased at String’s response.

“What do I get if I win?” Alex asked with his own feelings of wariness on display.

“A list and I’d also return something of yours that was lost long ago”

“A list of what?”

“A list of your opponents and their gifts for the trial after this one.”

Hearing this, Alex instantly knew that he was being offered what would no doubt be a boon of great benefit.

“And what will you return?” Alex asked.

“Now that’s a surprise. With that said, why don’t you two get back into your positions and I’ll let you know when you should begin to fight. By the way, this entire conversation took place within a tiny sphere of slowed down time, if you didn’t notice.”

String (having found her weapon) rose to her feet and began spinning it once again as Alex resumed his stance and immersed himself within his orb of Principle.

‘Principles, fundamental truths that care not for your emotions or beliefs.’ Alex’s mind became purely analytical as he went over the information previously gathered once again, with one new bit of data added. ‘It’s only fair that this orb deadens my emotions and leaves only a machine.’

Alex’s eyes drifted back to String’s weapon.

‘Chain whip can turn whatever it strikes with its dart into lightning rods. Has a three-second delay before strikes occur.’

Alex began formulating a plan as the opening in the clouds began to close, and rain began striking him once again. Just as the last bit of starlight was once again covered up by the black, stormy clouds that loomed overhead and Alex finished finalizing his plan, Norwe spoke.


An orb of light appeared before String and exploded in a flash before she could even react.

You’re blind!” Alex shouted as he charged forward through the muddy ground. Alex managed to get just in front of String and began slashing at her head before a sudden and powerful updraft yanked him into the air and above the treetops. Flipping head over heel as he shot upwards, Alex waved his hand through the air and spoke.

I can control the wind.”

Alex felt a mental link form within his mind as he began to feel the surrounding air gain a sense of familiarity. Alex used this familiarity and called for the wind that wasn’t under String’s control. Controlling this wind, Alex wrapped himself up in a downwards draft that carried him out of String’s upward draft and dropped him a reasonable distance behind her. Before Alex even touched the ground, String turned around and sent out a miniature tornado that Alex rid himself of with a casual wave of his hand. Alex followed up this dismissal by creating a dome of rapidly rotating wind around String that began to fling mud everywhere.

“Fuuuuck!” String groaned out as she fell to a knee and began gasping for her rapidly depleting air.

Alex decided to make String’s condition worse by slowly shrinking her dome around her and increasing its rotating speed. By this point, String was on her hands and knees still struggling to take in air.

‘Come on String,’ Alex thought, ‘Don’t tap out so early on me.’

Though unlikely she heard his thoughts, String made it clear she wasn’t down for the count yet by summoning a pillar of wind from the sky and slamming it down into Alex’s wind dome. The dome broke apart with a massive burst of wind that launched chunks of mud everywhere, including onto Alex’s face. Wiping away the sodden dirt as fast as possible, Alex found that String had gotten into swinging distance with her chain whip and was now spinning through the air while dragging the dart end towards his head. Alex sidestepped this attack and closed the distance between himself and String before cutting at her throat. String leaped back from this and dragged her chain whip back before spinning it in front of herself.

Alex made to step forward but the sudden buzzing of Nike and Tara as well as the feeling of his hair beginning to rise halted his advances. String stepped forward as her weapon began to buzz and hair began to rise as well, seemingly uncaring of the incoming lightning strike.

‘Dammit, I’m gonna have to move back.’

Then another thought popped into Alex’s head and he knew just what to do after that. Alex leaped back as far as possible and kept going as String leaped forward into his original position and stopped.  Just as Alex’s weapons stopped buzzing and his hair went flat, String launched the end of her weapon into the air.


I have cells in front of you.


Within the span of two seconds, Alex saw several things occur. During the first second, Alex appeared before String just after the red bolt of lightning struck her chain, and then attempted to gouge out one of her shade-covered eyes with his dagger. Within the next half second, String yanked her chained back down, dodged around Alex, and kicked him in the bottom of his back. Within that final half-second, Alex was launched forward nearly 30 feet before striking the ground.

“GAAAAHH!”, Alex shouted in pain as his body struck the ground and bounced a few times, covering him from head to toe in mud. After finally skidding to a stop, Alex let out a pained groaned and reached towards where String had struck him. Groaning at the pain that was felt from his back and the lack of feeling from his waist down, Alex redrew Tara and stabbed himself.  Sighing in physical relief, Alex did his best to clear his face of mud and rose to his feet while shivering and letting out a few visible breaths.

‘Wait a second?’ Alex thought as he exhaled a few more times, his breaths still coming out in visible spurts, ‘When did it get colder?’

“I see you’ve noticed that the temperature is lowering.”

Alex looked up at String and found the chieftain casually walking towards him, looking down on him with a satisfied smirk. Narrowing his eyes at the Keijo, Alex said,

“Lowering the temperature can’t be all you wanted to do, what more is there to this?”

String let out a low, cruel chuckle.


She then raised her left hand towards Alex and pushed towards him. From behind her, a wave of black and muddy snow came rushing forward and around her towards Alex. Just before the wave of snow reached him, Alex forced it apart with two diverging gales that left his sides surrounded with a flood of snow.

‘She must be using the water from the mud all around to create this snow.’ Alex thought to himself as he slid Tara and Nike into his jacket pockets and pulled out his box of matches. Getting low to the ground and taking a match from the box, Alex struck it before quickly shoving the box back into his pocket and using one of his hands to cover the flame. Alex looked down to the tiny flame that he was currently protecting and shook his match very slightly, before saying,

I can create and control fire.

Feeling the same feeling he had felt earlier when establishing his bond with the wind, Alex crushed the match in his hand and created a much stronger flame that engulfed him in a shroud of fire. The flames burnt away at the mud that caked his clothing and skin while also warming him up to a comfortable degree. With his counter prepared, Alex briefly unimmersed himself from his orb of Principle.

‘This is going to be a fucking drag,’ Alex grimaced slightly, ‘I hope at least that Herah is having it worse than me.’



It had been over a minute since Herah and Moon had begun to fight, the pair having clashed and separated many times with a loud boom and explosion of force occurring at each meeting.  Every time the two met, a furious exchange of blows would occur for but a moment before they broke away from each other. Their battle had taken them out of their original clearing and all over the east side of the battlefield. Numerous craters now dotted the forest floor and countless trees had been destroyed in their wake.

Now, Herah (still cloaked in flames) was flying up and around one of the trees with Moon following closely behind. By this point in their fight, Herah’s clothing was filled with multiple holes and the few bruises gained in the last clash with Moon were being healed. Looking back at the pursuing priest, Herah took note of the rapidly healing cuts and slashes that had been her return for his attacks. Her eyes then went down to his left arm, confusion and weariness filling her as one of her hands went up to rub its accompanying ear. Herah then looked past Moon and towards the ground where a few of the Oni corpses which had been there were now gone, and replaced with a single tendril having yet to fully assimilate to the priest.

‘I need to put some distance between us and remove at least some of his supply. And also get rid of that stupid arm of his, or at least figure out how it’s causing me pain in this state.’ Herah thought to herself before suddenly flipping upside down and using the claws on her hands to stab into the tree beneath her. As Herah’s ascent slowed, the youngling also gathered fire in her mouth causing her cheeks to puff up. Moon was upon Herah in an instant, his left hand darting out and waving just before her face causing Herah to wince at the sharp pain that assaulted her ears. Moon then attempted to follow this up by spearing Herah with his right hand, the limb having taken the form of a spearhead. The youngling counteracted this by suddenly firing a blast of green fire from her mouth that took the form of a massive hand and shoved Moon down and towards the ground. Herah then flipped back around and launched herself up high above the treetops stopping just below a cloud.

Looking back down to the forest, Herah thought the trees were akin to ants from her current height. Even with the great distance between them and the numerous leaves that hid him away, Herah was able to locate Moon with little issue before initiating the next phase of her attack. Herah inhaled deeply before puffing up her cheeks as the fire shroud around her changed from blue to green. After a short moment of gathering and stoking the flames within her cheeks, Herah exhaled a ball of blue flames that was twice as large as the clearing with the Donneur de Frêne. Despite its size, the fireball struck the ground in nearly an instant.


And just like that, an explosion of blue flames that reached higher than the treetops and engulfed what Herah figured to be just over 800 acres worth of forest.


The sound barrier broke as Herah launched herself into the flames and slammed into the ground. Herah’s impact kicked up a cloud of ash that was batted away with a single flap of her wings, which also cleared away most of the surrounding flames.  With the air now cleared, Herah began searching for Moon.

The youngling now stood within a substantial crater. The entirety of it was just filled with fires of varying sizes and ash. The youngling paid little attention to the large plumes of smoke that filled the air, her eyes trying and failing to find any sign of her opponent.

Using Réunir on her nose, Herah let out a tiny huff of satisfaction as the smell of ash, smoke, and fire filled it. Returning her attention back to the situation, Herah crouched down to the ground and began looking down at it and running her hands through it while licking and smelling at the air. Two seconds of observation later, Herah let out a huff of dissatisfaction and began to expand her area of view.

‘All I could find were some dead blood cells and tissue. Where the ash did you go Moon?’


What sounded like a minigun barrel spinning from a fair distance away was all Herah had as warning before having to dash out of the way of a storm of bullets. Ash and dirt was kicked up as Herah continued to outrun the rain of ammunition that bared down on her. While running, the youngling began searching for Moon near the rims of the destroyed area and found him within mere moments. The priest was crouched just where the destruction ended with his right arm transformed into a miniature minigun with tendrils of black connecting his arm to several of the nearby trees. With the priest now in sight, Herah reached towards her back and redrew her sketchpad and a pencil. Herah began to change her direction so that she would be in the center of the crater by the time her attack connected. Quickly drawing out a rod with intricate designs covering it and a lantern at the end of it while she did this, Herah used her gift to bring the picture into reality. The taste of paint filled her mouth as one of the fangs in the back of it turned into the oilily liquid. Disregarding this taste, Herah shoved both her sketch pad and pencil back into her backpack before aiming the lantern end of her rod towards Moon and shouting,

“Accepter une offre du Ventre de la flamme!”

From within the lantern, a small fire came to life. Blue light then began to gather and condense at the tip of it before a beam of blue light was fired out.


The beam shot cleanly through Moon’s brain, stunning him for merely an instant. Before even 4 hundredths of a second could pass, the youngling appeared before Moon and lopped off his left arm. This was then followed up with Herah hitting the priest with a barrage of claw jabs, a new fist-sized hole filling the priest with each strike. Every attack was immediately cauterized due to flame shroud that covered Herah and they came so fast that Moon was unable to heal most if any wounds suffered. Herah’s barrage ended once the youngling, with a single swipe of her hand, chopped off Moon’s head and allowed for the shroud that surrounded her to flare indigo for just a brief enough moment that every piece of his body was turned into ash. Herah’s shroud quickly turned yellow as Herah began to breathe a bit harder than before.

‘Shit! Not the best idea and that cut my time down to a minute.’ Herah looked towards the trees that Moon had connected himself to and noticed that parts of them were beginning to turn into (what the youngling could only assume to be) him. Herah took in another breath before breathing out a stream of yellow flames that set all the nearby trees alit. ‘And now I need to find Moon again, that couldn’t have been his only body.’


“What the- SHIT!”


With a flap of her wings and another sonic boom, Herah launched herself back and away from a tree that had come crashing down from the sky. Before the youngling could attempt to catch her breath, the tree exploded into what had to be thousands of black rods. Folding her wings in for protection, Herah dodged around and deflected all the rods heading towards her. Once done with that, Herah unfurled her wings and, with another sonic boom, launched herself into the air.


3 more exploding trees were the only response received.

Weaving through the thousands upon thousands of black rods that filled the air, Herah quickly tracked the trees to their origin and found Moon ripping another tree out of the ground. Angling herself towards the priest, Herah flapped her wings and launched herself towards him with yet another explosion of sound.


Twirling around a newly thrown tree, Herah hit the ground with a roll and came up to Moon waving a hole filled hand before her face.

“AAAAHHH!” Herah shouted as pain filled her ears before Moon slammed a fist into her face and her head into the ground, a crater forming at her impact. Moon’s fist began to break apart and cover the entirety of Herah’s head. The youngling struggled under the pressure of Moon’s strength, flaring her shroud green and grabbing at his arm to rip it off her face as her airways were beginning to clog up.


Moon’s arm shattered under Herah’s grip and his arm began to burn away. Herah’s vision cleared up just long enough for her to see several tendrils sprout out from Moon and into the nearby trees. Herah’s vision was then blotted out once again, as even more tendrils than before began to cover her head and the pressure from Moon remained in full force.

“Herah please, don’t make this any harder than it has to be.” Moon begged Herah as the feeling of her face being broken down set her into a frenzy, her shroud flaring blue to little avail. Just as Herah felt her first scale completely break down, the image of a helpless and flailing ashling entered her mind.


Herah flared her shroud once again, burning away what covered her face and setting Moon’s now detached arm aflame. Ripping the burning limb off her and making sure to burn away whatever of Moon remained on and in her, Herah leaped to her feet as Jeffery lazily floated next to her.

“What took you so long!?” Herah asked while looking towards a line of broken trees that the youngling could only assume went on for at least 2 miles.

Jeffery’s response was an image of a racing line followed by numerous flashing images of celestial bodies and finally of both themselves and Norwe floating in space with a sign reading start floating not too far in front of them.

“Were-were you racing Norwe through space this entire time?!” Herah asked with a furious shout while also noting that her flame shroud had now turned orange.

Jeffery’s response was the image of a thumbs up.

“When did you even decide to actually head over here?!”

Herah received a third person image of both herself and Moon, showing her just beginning to turn her shroud blue before Jeffery entered the image and smacked Moon away.

“Are you telling me you waited until the very last moment to head my way!?” Herah screamed, fire flaring from her mouth and nose.

Jeffery just sent Herah an image of herself followed by the image of a dunce cap.



Herah didn’t even wince when Jeffery struck her head, instead choosing to just grumble for him to give her control. With their only reply being an image of Herah rolling her eyes, Jeffery floated into Herah’s hands and handed control over to her.

Just as Herah wrapped her fingers around Jeffery, the youngling found herself using them to deflect a punch from Moon downwards. This action caused a resounding boom to fill the air and for another crater to dig into the ground beneath them. Herah slammed her knee into Moon’s chest before bisecting him with Jeffery and spearing him through his torso. Before Herah could do any more, Moon waved his hand before her face once again causing her to falter just long enough for the priest to shove and elongated claw into her left eye. Herah barely reacted to the loss of half of her vision and instead just slammed Moon’s top half into the ground and let out a torrent of yellow flame upon him. Herah, with a single flap of her wings and accompanying boom, shot into the air and did a repeat of her earlier aerial strike with an orange fireball.


This time the explosion was only a third of the size of the original and there were a few things still burning in the wreckage. Herah landed on the ground and checked with Jeffery to confirm that Moon had been caught in the blast and turned to ash. Ripping her companion from the ground, Herah gave Jeffery a small twirl and rested them over her shoulder just as her body exited Renaissance à son Sommet.

“Uuuhh.” Herah groaned out as the fatigue hit her and her footing became unstable. Falling to her knees, the youngling began speaking to herself, “I’m gonna need to recharge before I do anything el-” Herah’s nose wrinkled as several replicant scents began to approach her at a high-speed, “SHIT!”

‘Herah!’ Owen’s voice suddenly rung through her head, ‘Moon’s signature just multiplied like crazy!’

Herah let out a growl of frustration before raising her left hand to her amulet and responding to Owen.

‘I noticed.’ Herah said, sounding and feeling slightly annoyed, ‘How many are there in total? I noticed ten are heading towards me now.’

‘There are fifty Moons in total.’


Just as the thought left Herah, two Moon’s stopped before her, two other’s landed behind, two landed on either side of her, and four floated above with their newly grown black-dove like wings.

“Herah,” They all called out at once, “We both know that in your current state and my own, you will not win another battle with me. Please just stand down and have Owen put away his hat.”

‘Herah?’ Owen asked, sounding rather worried.

‘What Owen?’ Herah responded sounding not as frustrated as she felt she should have, ‘I’m not in the best situation to be talking with you right now.’

‘Activate that bracelet I gave you.’

Herah’s eyes turned to look at the bracelet that hung around her right wrist with the purple gem sticking out of it.


‘Crush the amethyst and it should activate.’

Herah took her hand from her amulet, raised it to her bracelet, and crushed the gem that was placed into it. Once her hand moved away, the bracelet began to quiver and shake before being overtaken by a glow and shattering. Before Herah could even think to begin cursing Owen’s name, the fragments that had been her bracelet began to float and glow before bathing her entire body in a flash of white light.

Before the blindness even left her, Herah felt a cool, tight latex-like substance cover her entire body. Even her wings now had whatever it was covering the rest of the youngling’s body. This feeling soon disappeared and was replaced by the feeling of absolutely nothing covering her body, though Herah didn’t gain any feeling of herself being exposed to the elements in any way. Once her blindness disappeared, Herah began checking herself over.

‘Is this black latex?’ Herah thought to herself while looking up and down her body. Whatever covered her was much more metallic than glossy in its look, though the way it held tightly to Herah’s body and moved with little sound or issue made the youngling think that latex was the more probable material for her new apparel. Upon a closer study, Herah found her assumption to be incorrect and that whatever covered her was something that the youngling had never seen before. Elongating one of her talons and raking it along her chest, Herah watched in fascination as the material hardened under her ministrations before quickly returning to their less rigid state.

‘What is this?’ Herah asked Owen, her talon now touching her amulet which had not been covered in the weird substance.

‘What’s covering your body is a special metal named after Gaashbenirium.  It has the special property of absorbing and storing energy, though it is normally unable to release this energy. I treated the Gasshbenirium that covers your body to be transparent through the interior, more flexible, and to release the energy that I stored into it when your flame is low.’

‘How does that help me?’ Herah asked while raising a talon to tap at her eyes, finding that the substance really did cover her entire face.

‘Herah,’ Owen began, sounding as if the answer to his question was already known by himself, ‘It wouldn’t be wrong to assume that ingesting fire can increase the strength of the flame in your chest, would it?’

‘No.’ Herah thought back, exactly sure as to the reason of Owen’s question.

‘Good because when you say the trigger phrase to activate your suit, it will begin to fill your pores with fire. The armor you’re wearing also has another purpose to it.’

‘What?’, Herah asked while returning her attention to all the Moons that surrounded her, all of them now tensed for battle but still not moving.

‘It’ll double your physical and mental capabilities by forcing your body to go beyond its limits.’

Herah blinked at these words before a grin came to her face.

‘What’s the trigger phrase?’

‘Before I tell it to you Herah, you need to know that the armor you’re wearing is not invulnerable. Even with it releasing the flames into you, it can still be overwhelmed causing it to explode. And once that occurs your body will most likely collapse from overstraining itself, so be careful.’

‘Yeah, yeah.’ Herah thought somewhat impatiently, ‘Trigger phrase Owen.’

‘Farande Woverak.’

‘Thank you, and when I’m fully charged I’m gonna need you help  to locate all the different Moons if I want to get him out of this battle.’

‘Yeah, I’ll be here when you need me. But first, I need to inform Alex of something. Owen out.’

Now giving all the gathered Moon’s her full attention, Herah allowed for her grin to turn into a frown and said,

“I told you not to underestimate me Moon, that sounds exactly like what you’re doing right now.”

All of the Moon’s frowned at Herah before saying,

“I mean no disrespect Herah, but that armor your wearing will do little to make up for your drop in speed and strength.”

“We’ll see about that.”

All but two of the Moons morphed their arms into various states. The two that didn’t were in the air, with their arms now filled with holes.

“I apologize for what I will do to you next.”

Herah’s frowned deepened into a snarl.

“Farande Woverak!”

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