“Qi Qi, happy birthday.”

The birthday is a handwork and something made to order, on top of it was an figurine of kissing couple, and on the other side there is an English sentence said: “Darling, I love you.”

In a flash, He Qi’s eyes were red. She looked at Zhan Shuo, this time she didn’t know what to say. Yet Zhan Shuo placed the cake on the table, and held He Qi’s hand and said: “Qi Qi, let’s start over. Forget the past that full of unhappy moments. Give me one more chance. Let me to love you dearly.”

“I know losing our kid let you experience a huge attack, but actually I also feel the same. No matter where is he know, he will be in heaven. He is my most cherish kid. I will be the same like you will not forget him.”

“If only we summon our courage, to be always together happily, he will also once again get back to our side.”

“I know I have a lot of not good of attitude and habit, sometimes I am too selfish, not enough attentive, not enough tender, but I will change. Give me one more chance, okay?” Zhan Shuo said again, “Although we had experienced a lot of unhappy memory, yet that let me understand a thinking, you are very important to me. You are an essential part of my life, I cannot live without you.”

Gerry McKenzy
Author Works