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I am a masochistic college student who enjoys watching movies, reading novels, working out and pursuing the human experience. "Normal" and "weird" are terms I choose not to incorporate into my life, though I am passionate about connecting with other human beings in alternative manners. I believe we all are unique in our individual ways, and hence see no point in pushing about how unique we are. My philosophy includes writing principally to explore perspectives different from my own, as I believe I ultimately can live my life outside the screen to acquire insights about myself. Do not hold me accountable for it if my characters possess morally questionable perspectives, and do not mistake me for a cynic and misanthrope based on my characters possessing these qualities; I am writing a character, and I am not necessarily portraying my own perspectives through them. There are possible elements of neo-realism in my works, as I believe in portraying the world as it is, rather than how I wish it was. I am not an escapist, hence I do not write to "escape into another world". My technical writing style might appear flowery and carries inspiration from the styles of the 1800's. I generally live by the principle that you can behave however you want, but also have to accept the consequences of your actions. PS. I am principally a hedonist who writes because I think it is fun; though I appreciate support is not a determinative factor as to whether I choose to write, and you are not entitled to my time based on supporting my work.

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Welcome, V!



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