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Herah was many things: an artist, a zealot, a fighter, and now, an unwilling participant in Recompense.
What is Recompense?
Nothing special, just a high-stakes game created by Norwe, the Maker of Herah, which if won would grant her a single wish.
Of course, with such a great prize on the line there was an equal price which had to be paid.
Which meant loss equated to bye-bye universe.
This doesn't even account for how other participants, hostile environments, and pretty much all sentient life that wasn't herself would definitely be challenges that Herah would have to overcome to not only win but to survive. Recompense truly was a battle of the fittest.
But with a broken No.2 pencil, a nervous master smith, a too trusting liar and an honest, omniscient jackass, Herah had Recompense in the Bag.
After all, Herah was a master artist, and she considered battle exactly that: an art.

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