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This is a silly tale about a young man name Liebhaber Junge von Liebhaberland, who, unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), had his dear fiancée kidnapped by an evil, cruel witch right before his very eyes! For the sake of love and justice, he gathers a team of the finest adventurers he can afford and those who happened to be available right away, and bringing his most trusted aide, his loveable butler, Rudolf (can't forget about him could we), to go off on an epic quest to save his beloved.

The bizarre adventures he and his team will encounter are simply odd and won't make any sense at all unless your some kind of a super genius. Will he succeed in saving his fiancée? Or will he fail miserably and cry like a little baby and just die? If so, what will happen to his lover? What would the witch do to her? I don't know. It's up to you to decide to find out more about this tale.

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