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Hey there, I’m Malayka! I like anime, music and writing. There isn’t much else to say, so let’s just move onto my stories. Currently, I’m (secretly) working on CRIMSON: THE DECADENCE. This is an Adult His-Fic chronicling the twisted reality of Allyson Kaye, a sadistic dominatrix searching for the bastard stealing from her inheritance, and waiting on the day she can capture, torture and murder the crook. Toss in some flowery description, an odd romantic subplot, and a conspiracy to murder Allyson herself, and the story might just become one worth rereading. Later this year, I’ll move on to my next WIP which is a lot less edgy. ERA vs THE APOCALYPSE follows Era Valdis, an assassin turned prostitute turned drug addict, and her attempt (or lack thereof) to survive the zombie apocalypse. Watch as this sociopathic nihilist is paired with her epileptic (and optimistic) niece, Sigrid Aspen, as they search for ‘Checkpoint’, a place rumoured to rescue survivors, and learns that most lessons are learned through gruesome bloodshed, severe withdrawals and cheesy horror films. That’s about it! <3 Thanks for checking out my page! [ updated: October 1, 2018 ]

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