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I enjoy coming up with new story ideas and themes by looking at how can I make this book different? This is mainly achieved by engaging in the films, games or books that I have seen or read and getting ideas from them which dig deeper and nesting them all into a realm of fantasy bringing the creation to life. Why not build a world where anything can happen? Rather then build a world with restrictions. My belief has also been about crating a world which is both dangerous and engaging and that gets the characters skills and personalities tested to the limit. Whilst also building the characters through puzzles and events taking place. Along the way they will face many twists and turns, can you trust any of the characters? Or are they all as mysterious as another. This is my aim when writing by wrapping a story which has many openings where at one moment a character is portrayed one way whilst the next they have been in a parallel universe with different and ever changing characteristics.

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Jasmine 2 months ago

and your books suck

Jasmine 2 months ago

wow you registered 1970.. your old



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