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Hey! Yes you. I'm so glad to have you here on my profile and, I would definitely love to know you and become friends. Since you're such a darling and, decide to be at this page. Kindly, check out 366 days together with my mate and maybe, you'll love it. Now about me: I'm Temiloluwa oyelola alias Alexandra, a dedicated, hardworking and a rising writer. I'm nineteen year old writer, artist and songwriter. I love to read mainly, because I want to broaden my horizon but also, to improve my writing and myself. Since I'm filled to the brim, with ideas, I'll have to just post my stories with their grammatical issues, constructive and structural errors- not to mention, the punctuation errors. But, I promise to work on them once I've dumped my ideas. Here's a little about me; "She writes on inspirational, health and fitness, digest, novels and story books. She's a student in the department of biological sciences, she's a part time athlete, poet, blogger, artist and playwright. Alex enjoys all local dishes and finds it preferential to pick a favourite, her favourite colours are ocean blue, olive green and pink. She writes and composes songs during her free time, when she isn't working, then she'll be found at the pool. Alexandra considers herself to be goal oriented as she sets reasonable goals and tries her best to achieve them. Driven by her every day life, Alex aspires to one day become a well-known book writer and a film director. Here's one of her favourite quotes "in all you do, aspire, be determined, never give up and walk with confidence because you are a star"." I'm an introvert but, I love to make friends and keep the relationship. I'm chocolate tan, almond brown eyes, full heart shaped lips, brownish black coily hair. I'm also on inkitt as Infinite bae, working on a project titled "Searching for love".

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