12.03.2019 in 20:13

Updates on Power of The Ancient Sigils Book

Elemental One in Announcements

Hello everybody if you are interested in a fantasy, magic and action packed book full of puzzles twists and even a twist of romance, then please take a look at my new book. The Power of the Ancient Sigils. Please leave comments and feedback.

The book is complete and is is available to buy, just click below to read the free prologue and chapter 1 part 1. If you enjoy the book then feel free to unlock the rest of the book with a  purchase for an fixed price of $5. The chapter parts no longer apply of $0.2, you will be buying full book instead for just $5.

Power of Ancient Sigils


With an ever growing evil, an great power will soon be unleashed. The world is an balance with the magic and the Sigils, but now the Sigil keepers are in danger once more history is going to repeat itself as the demons from the underworld would destroy the entire galaxy. The only hope left was Show-Mina and Mark, as the tension builds between the two, they are caught in a tale of love and danger and before long they must use all their powers in order to save humanity.


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