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I was caught up in my own sufferings that I've started to forget what it's all about. It was always about the pain, the effort, the sacrifice of Humanity in order to survive.

How can I even dare to say that I'm alone, if humanity has sacrificed itself in order for me to help save the world in this lifetime? As I thought about this, I stood up...

And right then and there, I pledge to myself...

"In my previous lifetime, year 20XX, Humanity fell down not long after the barrier that is separating our world from other worlds perished"

"I struggled to survive for eight more years only to slowly watch everyone I love die one by one..."

"Just when I thought it was finally my time to go, it was as if God finally heard all of our prayers and sent me back in time to give us one more chance."

"We are not allowed to lose."

"No... We can't lose. Not when we're ahead."



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