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Fever is a story about a broken down speakeasy that an energetic journalist and rough and tumble writer call their own. They're dedicated to chasing down the place's history and figuring out why it has laid dormant all these years. After meeting a aged performer that used to call the club home they find out there's a deadly edge to their place that they'd never imagined. In fact, they find out that it isn't their place at all.

This also is being posted up on a Patreon page and is several chapter ahead of what's on here, with extra, if you're interested! Only $3 bucks for access to the writing and $5 for all the extras. https://www.patreon.com/kitsy

Author's Note

This story is a work in progress and I am posting it up on Patreon as well with extra goodies. https://www.patreon.com/kitsy

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Melony Sicket 5 months ago

Hello Kitsy. Is there a schedule? When the new chapter will be out?


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