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The Game of Eternity makes pawns of man and fey alike, and a new war will soon begin.

It is Mictlan Festival, the highlight of the religious calendar; a time when the spirits of the dead return to their loved ones. But when the High Sage is assassinated in Terrahgonia's' capital city and war is waged, a traitor, a godless emperor, a jaded former assassin, and a sheltered princess must secure the future of the powerful empire.

As Champions, they were chosen to bring honour and glory to their patron god, and shape the future of their realms. Cycle after cycle, they must fight and die and rise again. Caught between duty and honour, love and desire, and familial resentments, hard choices must be made, and their failure could bring about the demise of one of the greatest empires in the known world.

Let the Game begin.

Author's Note

There are four main characters. Please read and review.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Jamie
0 26 1880
Chapter 2: Stefan
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Wadzanai Mufunde
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