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Scandal? The scandal of a King Realm’s Realm King? Was it even possible for such a great existence to have a scandal? Mu Xuanyin’s eyes looked like cold stars as she narrated, “The Moon God Realm King has been in the position for a very long time and has many offspring with a large number of women. But he has still never had a legal wife.” Yun Che nodded in complete understanding. A mighty being like the Moon God Realm King was a person at the zenith of the entire Primal Chaos. His wife didn’t necessarily have to have the same status as him but the difference shouldn’t be too big at least. However, given the supremely high position of the Moon God Realm King, it would be extremely difficult to find such a woman. “Dozens of years ago, the rumor that the Moon God Realm King was about to get married began to spread in the God Realm all of a sudden. Later, the rumor turned into reality as the Moon God Realm started to send invitation cards, in order to invite all the kings of the God Realm to participate in the grand marriage of the Realm King.” “Dozens of years ago?” Yun Che was stunned… If they announced the marriage dozens of years ago and even sent invitation cards… what are they doing all this for again? “It was only then that everyone in the God Realm found out about the person who was going to be the wife of Moon God Realm’s King. She is actually a woman that has Divine Stainless Body! Che’er, have you heard of this divine body before?” Mu Xuanyin glanced sideways at Yun Che as she asked. He shook his head, “To be selected by the Moon God Realm King as his legal wife and make him want to spread the information about it as if he was showing off his accomplishment… this Divine Stainless Body should be an extremely amazing physique.” “Hmph! It’s just as you said. Back then, the Moon God Realm King certainly had the intention to show off. The Divine Stainless Body hasn’t appeared in the God Realm for as long as over a hundred thousand years, after all. There was no way the Moon


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