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If you were going to test out a new A.I. system, where could you safely test it without fear of an Asimov-like worst case scenario causing the destruction of mankind? In 2042, scientists find the perfect answer to that question in the hyper-realistic virtual world of a Grand Theft Auto-like game called 'Outlaw'. By hooking their A.I. system up to the sensations felt by Dmitry, the game's main character, they're able to safely view how he will react to his environment when playing along with story's game and by scaling the intelligence of the characters around him. But of course, something goes wrong... majorly wrong. 

'Find the Needle' consists of Dmitry's journal entries within the game, the record of an existence that began as a probe into the potential dangers of A.I. that instead becomes an illuminating journey into the nature of existence, empathy, and why  consciousness might be the fulcrum of not just Dmitry's reality, but our own as well. 

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Frank Perrotto
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