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Banished to Neverland, Pan spends years ferrying souls to the afterlife, and taking those that have not received their Judgments with him to the realm of Lost Souls. Accompanied by his Lost Boys on a routine mission to collect the souls from Earth, Pan comes across a deadly and intelligent fey queen, who is dead set on killing Pan and destroying Neverland, hoping to disrupt the magical barrier Pan himself has erected over Earth from Neverland's magic that protects it from the realm-and the creatures who live there- known as Limbo.

Author's Note

Hey, guys! Thanks for taking the time to check out this work in progress. I am very excited about this story and hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy writing it. Comments and feedback are welcome! Also, this is a first draft, so please excuse any grammar problems, and there may be some inconsistencies (please point them out), but every 5 chapters I finish, I will then go back and edit those 5 chapters and then continue on in that fashion. -M.C. Kapo S/N: Also, title will be changed to Little Black Bird Beautiful cover and banners made by CarKann (Wattpad) She's amazing!

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