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At the ends of time, three isolated fugitives become the only hope of a universe that does not hope. Nathan Briggs, a fifteen-year-old with little drive in him, must go on a mission with his father William and family friend Renold to save the universe as they know it--but what do they have to do? Nathan doesn't know. What secrets lie in the depths of space, waiting to be claimed by the hands of his maniacal father? And lastly, what is the Allex Cube? And as the universe collapses, is it the key to salvation?
Nathan doesn't know, but Nathan will leave his home, the one thing he does know in his life, to find out what--both ugly, and beautiful--is hidden in the dark veil between this world and the next. Nathan is not sure what could be found in the depths of space, but what he hopes for, above all else, is an escape.

Illustration by H.R. James.
He's very cool, so check him out here: https://adequate-art-zone.tumblr.com/

Author's Note

An old story I self-published on Amazon over nine months ago, now here to be brought for free online to anyone who wants to read it in the hopes that my audience will find itself growing bit by bit until I can make something of this half-baked career. As it is a book so old by this point, be gentle with it, I know it has some problems and its not fully representative of the kind of stuff I can write now. Either way, I hope you enjoy.

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