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Enter Rynona Kingdom.

A powerful monarchy with deep roots stretching a thousand years of heritage, it boasts a high literacy rate, stable economy and breathtaking architecture.

The brightest minds, the finest delicacies and the strongest warriors; on the tip of the iceberg, Rynona Kingdom appears to be the exemplary model of an ideal country.

And yet, things are never as perfect as they seem.

Conspiring forces seek to weed the monarchy from its very roots while internal strife for power and corruption gnaws at it inside-out. Racial conflict between humans and other species are slowly crawling to a peak, on the verge of an imminent eruption. Its neighbour, the Engad Empire, eyes it covetously from a distance.

Amidst all the chaos and bloodshed in Rynona, a young boy of unknown origins vows to become King.

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Chapter 1: Who?
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