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Tags: Cyberpunk

London, a few years from now.

An agent failing to extract a secret from an Investment Bank’s corporate campus towering above the city of London, a senior executive framed for espionage, gutter punks tasked to move a package across the city and a drone racer desperate to finally win big in the ruins of Canary Wharf.

London, Today.

An IT manager decides to try writing a novel.  It sucks, hard.  He decides to try and write a few short stories to learn how to build characters and describe situations in a way to captivate a reader’s imagination and not make them want to burn their e-readers just to make the dull ache of reading this crap go away.  It’s not even good enough to cause any real pain, like England’s weather, it’s just apathetic enough to cause a dull ache and a severe case of depression.

I'm sorry about that, truly I am, but if you make your way through these few short stories please let me know what you think, what I can do to improve and anything else that springs to mind.

Author's Note

I had some time to write a novel, I still maintain it was a good idea but the execution wasn't that fantastic. I'm playing with words here to try and figure out what I need to do when I go back and make the novel not suck so much. Any feedback will be repaid with love and possibly beer if we are ever in the same pub at the same time. Be honest, I'm still trying to find my style. It's not salsa, I found that out the hard way.

Table of Contents

The Agent
0 106 1562
The Detective
0 93 932
The Accountant
0 120 3836
The Basement
0 116 2466
The Race
0 114 3162


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