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A vixen with an unsettling temper. An amateur dominatrix in a world where men reigned supreme. An unfitting heiress to her family's fortune.

An exceptional actor in the world's play. A talented butler with an ominous past. A father figure that no one dared to cross -  except for her, the one who vied for control the most.

Allyson Kaye and Amon Emory were always an unlikely duo. Playing the role of antagonists in their own story was an inevitable feat. Amon had promised that the secret of the Kayes would be just that, yet someone wanted to desecrate their name. Allyson had been tasked with the finances of her family, yet someone dared to tamper with her bloody fortune.  Alliances slowly, yet surely, unraveled. Rivalries returned to haunt the two. Their game of cat-and-mouse drew closer to an end with every lie and scheme meshed into their horrific web. It was only a matter of time until they got tangled in, too.

Through the course of a single week, time became their greatest threat.

Author's Note

I wrote CRIMSON like how they did in the 1800s (where it's based), you know, old-timey. Hope you don't mind! This is the second book in the series, but can also be a stand-alone. The MC, Allyson Kaye, has matured into a very troubled teenager. Readers should be aware that this is the 'decadence' of the MC and, as such, poses some very questionable morals. Some of her views are not shared by the author. Irregular updates due to author's terrible time management skills. Thanks for checking this out!

Table of Contents

I [ pt.1]
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I [ pt.2]
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