Genres: Epic Fantasy


Status: Ongoing

It'd been 3 moon cycles since I last saw anyone of my kind other than Halien. Lie and I spent most of the time moving from inn to inn, hiding her ears and eyes under a dusty brown patchwork cloak that frayed at the bottom where it brushed the ground. I wore a covering on the bottom half of my face, letting my bangs hide my forehead, hoping against hope that no one would be able to see through my thick black hair.

"Laliena, how much longer?" Lie's big golden eyes gazed up at me, her small dirty hand encapsulated in mine. My gaze softened and I opened my mouth the speak.


Swiftly, I drew a Deggar from my forearm, protectively shoving Lie under my cloak. Her small panther ears pressed into my leg, my free hand resting on her forehead. With the Deggar securely in my hand, I surveyed our surroundings. Dark figures seeped out of the trees, and suddenly, we were surrounded by them. The Humana.

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Quincey Cain
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