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• Synopsis •

Whatever your heart desires, whether it be wealth, power, fame, or infamy, only those who've earned it themselves may claim it. Embrace your angels, let loose your demons, or simply wipe the slate clean. Only the strong survive within the Ether. 

Join Experiment XZ as he embarks on his journey in order to find out who he truly is, what awaits him as he ascends, or descends into Ether.


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Timezone: EST
AM/PM: Morning/AM


• Important FAQ •

- The current cover art for ETE is called 'Run Boy, Run...' which is a work from Gustavo Arteaga's collection, which can be found here -

Author's Note

If you're the original artist of the artwork and would like me to remove your content from my cover art, please send me a private message telling me so. This is all non-profit based. You can find a more completed version of this story on RRL.

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