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She was a High Priestess of Io, a servant to her Goddess stationed at the great Fire Temple. An oracle born from royal blood. Forsaken blood. A direct descendant from the Elder God - Kratos. Known as the All Father to the fire signs of the New World and betrayer to the signs of the Old World. But now she will only go by one title, Luna.

He is an Alpha-born warrior next in line to lead his pack. He’s a direct descendant from the Elder God - Nike the Moon Goddess’ favourite All Father. Nike’s water signs were blessed with more strength, land and prosperity than the other signs. A blessings his people have used to their advantage. Soon Ivar will lead one of the biggest and most feared packs in the Southern Hemisphere on Pangea.

But not until he finds his Luna.

The Man of Woods gave Ivar an omen. He need sail East across the Divided Sea to the New Worlds for his Luna. There he fought tooth and claw as per her customs for her hand.

And now the adventure begins. 

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