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Love doesn't always happen on first sighing, but what happens when you met the one but, you hate him. Did the great ones of the skies make a mistake? Or did their saying not correspond with your life? How great and mighty is a love that's not loving, at all. Complicated mates!

All are strangers, and we find ourselves in this world we call earth. A saying goes that "everyone has a mated pair from the firmament of the heavens" which supposedly means that we've all got that one, who is the one, the one special one.
"I do!" "I do" what happens when they don't. A story about two strangers, meeting and mating despite their unlikeness for the other. Slowly, they realize that life is more than just being enemies, arguing and punching each other, as they arrive 366 days together. Their tough journey describes what they went through, in their various views, all from the beginning of day one, up until their 366th day.

Author's Note

366 days together is a story of a marriage arranged and forced, but not like our everyday story of forced teens getting married, as the only difference is our two major characters hated themselves but were made for each other, could've walked out on the marriage but neither did. This's a story on love, family, relations, and responsibilities but, also a story on gods, martyrs, decrees and clear fantasy oriented. This story has major parts of violence in all forms, crazed deranged activities that may be offensive to some but the majority will find it, average. It may contain some sexual scenes, but nothing you haven't already thought of. I reserve and own all rights to this book but, the pictures I use aren't mine, not withstanding, I've got the permission to use them. I ain't a typical English writer and speaker, so there might be mistakes in my written English, but please bear with me. XOXO, Alexandra

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