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Ever wanted to learn about 3D animation to know how to make your own 3D character to use on your very own films or games. Well let us look no further let us join together on this new journey an conquer it as I face myself in a world of unknown territory. I myself cannot see if this is going to a be success or not, but I want to do this I have always wanted to make my own film or game with its own characters and stuff. So it is time to start from somewhere. Care to join in then please read on and leave comments, remember I am a newbie too. So let us share our knowledge, if there is someone who is a computer 3D animators out there then perfect, maybe we can work together on this too. Who knows we might actually able to conquer a new skill so let us see how it goes. Thanks for all your support and remember your comments and feedback may prove be the difference between success or failure so please remember to share your comments too.

Author's Note

Please leave comments and share your knowledge it may prove to make all the difference. If you wish to take on this challenge on supporting me or just learning and developing yourself when reading on then please go to: https://www.blender.org/ and download the latest version so then we can start this epic journey together.

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