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A coming of age story set in medieval Japan. A friendship between a young fox god and his human childhood friend is built on deception, but grows stronger and purer as it's driven by common purpose. However, the vast differences of the worlds they live in can't be ignored, as their relationship is frowned upon by both humans and spirits.

As Kogitsune's feelings for his human friend turn from friendship to something deeper, he will learn that love can be all consuming and heartbreaking. 

‘Kogitsune’ is a retelling of the famous Noh theater play ‘Kokaji’, a story about a swordsmith who requests the help of the Inari god to build a sword for emperor Ichijo (980-1011).

Author's Note

This is a retelling of Kokaji, a Noh Theatre play from Japan, about a famous swordsmith helped by the Inari God to forge a special sword for Emperor Ichijo (980-1011) which will be called “Kogitsune-maru”. ©All Rights Reserved Xia Xia Lake

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Kogitsune 1
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Kogitsune 2
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